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— happy 19th birthday angels ♥️ you both deserve the world and i’ve been so blessed to watch you grow for the past 3 years. you’ve come so far and we all are so proud of you both. despite anything that happens, i know that i will always support and love you guys, and i hope you have the best day ever. i can’t believe this is your last year being teenagers... time has gone by too fast. happy birthday ethan and grayson, i love you! 💞 [ @ethandolan @graysondolan] my audio + coloring dt: the twins uwu
I cleaned my camera roll a few minutes ago and now all I have are pictures and videos of peep 🥰💓🌹🌺🌷
okay so ik this is such a crappy edit and you guys deserve sm more but who cares right, CAUSE YOUR 19!!! i love the both of you so much it’s so unbelievable. gray, you are the loml, my bf, the one i go to when i’m upset and just watch edits and watch the vids for you and you make me the happiest i’ve ever been. you make me smile and laugh and sometimes cry, but just because i love you so much. ethan, even tho i’m not in your lane i still love you so much and are still so grateful that your here and you do also make me the happiest i could be and make me die laughing and yes even cry. but anyways it’s crazy you guys are 19 and it’s crazy how far you guys have come over these past 5 years and i just wanted to say i love you guys so much and i hope you guys have the best day you could because you two both deserve it sm!!❤️❤️ @graysondolan @ethandolan #graysondolanedits #edits #happybirthday #jamescharles #threads # #lydiamartinedit #hayleymarshall #graysondolan #emmachamberlain #ethma #makeuptutorial #conspiracytheory #tbt #justinbieber #demilovato #arianagrande #nickiminaj #cardib #selenagomez #petedavidson #teenwolf #thevampirediaries #dance #vines #satisfyingvideos #slime #asmr
she’s so cute !! ALSO what is all this tea about a countdown on Selena website I didn’t see it??