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Meal prep makes the week so easy! Lunch is often my downfall while I am out running around with no time to really cook. This is my Korean beef dinner recipe that I made ahead to store for a week of lunches 😋. Find the full recipe at
Today I’ve woken up & Im counting my blessings. I’m counting my wins. I’m counting my ticked-off goals & Bucket list experiences. I’m counting my baby steps forward. I’m adding it all up & Im being proud of all the little things. . I’m running today as part of my 1/2 marathon training & Im counting that 10 seconds I’ve shaved off each kilometre’s split pace. I’m counting the 20 mins faster recovery & the reduction of next day soreness. I look at this pic & I see a lady who was happy in her ‘transformation’ & happy with her newfound health. I see someone who has enjoyed maintaining as much as progressing. I see a lady who is slowly chipping away at limitations & broadening her comfort zone. & I see someone who has done all of that in small every day steps. I see a lady who has included that middle photo purely because I like my hair in that shot 😂😂 I see goals. I see lifestyle. I see every day. & I see ALL that I have ‘done’ since being ‘done’ with my ‘transformation’ If it was about an after photo, I could have stopped. If it was about weight loss. I can quit now. But it’s about joy & movement & strength & endurance & experience & capability & ability & health. So I keep going. I keep pushing & resting & maintaining & progressing & adding to the lady in the photos. . I forget where I was going with this caption 🤷🏼‍♀️😂 This, to you, may not be the biggest layout of progress, or the most shocking amount of change. But these 3 pics made me so happy today. I was just looking at this outfit & thinking about how I felt wearing it each & every time. How big & small the changes have been. & I wanted to remind myself how happy I am with MY lifestyle now. How content I am with MY progress & how excited I am for MY goals. So I’m counting it all up & fuelling my day with the blessings. #bbgmumof5 #bbgmums #bbgmoms #bbgcommunity #bbgaustralia #fitness #fitmum #halfmarathontraining #runnersofinstagram #runner #kaylaitsines #bbg #bbgstronger #bbgprogress
It’s been 10 months since I’ve been on here 😱To recap I got to Week 9 of BBG started to love the progress I was seeing in my body and then one thing led to another I got out of the routine and now I’m restarting again weighing more than I did when I started last time 😭 it’s ok though because this time I’m going to keep active and post my progress on here to see the small changes that will start coming. 🙏🏻 #bbg #bbgprogress #bbgweek1 #kaylaitsines #sweat #bbgcommunity
It’s not to late to get started. I’ve regretfully spent most of my life in a “one day” mindset vs a “day one” mindset. I’m not even talking exclusively about my weight loss journey. This applies to work, my dreams, my passions.... literally everything. And it all roots back to the fear of failure. Failure is my enemy #1. It’s defined me in many things in my life. No matter how much I succeeded, the one failure outweighed all. So, I figured out if I don’t put myself out there - if I don’t accept the opportunities where failure is a present possibility - I don’t even have to worry. But truth be told, I’m realistically running from things that could make me great. We’re less than 90 days away from 209. And I’m making a promise to myself to stop running. To accept opportunities that offer promise. And to stop letting that fear of failure outweigh my passion for doing something great. I have a lot of dreams: writing a book, making a podcast, helping people better their self. And it’s about time I stop putting them on hold. Look out 209. This is my day one. And I’m coming for you.
I’m exhausted from getting up so early and having such a Monday-y Monday! Luckily I had plans to have dinner with a friend and she made some delicious salad & stuffed peppers! 😋🥗🍽 this week is off to a great start! . . . . . . #bbg #bbgcommunity #bbgweek1 #kaylaitsines #kaylasarmy #sweatwithkayla #sweat #fitness #fitfam #fitlife #accountability #motivation #discipline #workout #weightloss #goals #dedication #healthy #healthychoices #strong #progress #healthyfood #whatsonmyplate #womp #dinner
Caption & 📸 @gracesfoodfeed saturday night dinner so good🤑🤑 i snacked on some siete sea salt grain free tortilla chips with trader joe’s fall harvest (best combo ever. hands down) while my dad was grilling this salmon so i wasn’t crazy hungry by the time i was putting all my dinner together so i made things super simple - bed of chopped romaine - @traderjoes wild caught salmon seasoned with tj’s onion salt + @simplyorganicfoods cracked black pepper, then grilled by my dad - @simplemills sun dried tomato & basil crackers (first time trying this flavor & omfg so good) - tj’s sweet potato ribbons cooked in 21 seasoning salute & etbt - a big a$$ scoop tj’s kale cashew & basil pesto bc i’m obsessed and cannot get enough of this stuff!!! deff need to recreate! hope every has had an amazing, relaxing saturday. i know i have🙋🏼‍♀️💖
Thanx for always cheering at me, Nemo 👏🏼👏🏼 you always believe in me 😘 also when it is leg day. I look at you to get your attention and you just ... sleep. And then I have to keep on going. It feels like a personal thing @kayla_itsines !! Leg day it is just 😭😭😭 hard! But... what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Let’s see if I can walk tomorrow 😂XOXO💋 . . . . . . . . . #mondaylegday #bbg #bbgprogress #bbglegday #bbgmums #bbgcommunity #bbgmoms #kaylasarmy # #kaylaitsines #stronger #happier #ificandreamiticandoit #sweat #gratitude🙏 #bodypositivity #bodytransformation #nopainnogain #powerofpositivity #mum #chihuahua #abundance #wealth #prosperity #grateful🙏 #xoxo💋
First #LISS of the week done! As much as I didn't want to peel myself off the sofa, I'm so glad I did! 45 minutes of cycling to kick start the week off! 🚴‍♀️
Fermented Buckwheat bread 🍞 Soak 2.5 cups of buckwheat groats in 3 cups water for 6 hours. Drain, do not rinse. Blend groats and 1.1/3 cup water in a blender (optional add in seeds of choice here). Pour in bowl and mix through 1 tsp salt & optional add in whole seeds such as pumpkin. Cover & set aside for 24 hours at 67-70F. Or place in warm oven with light on for shorter amount of time. Batter should rise. Pour in prepared loaf tin and let rise for another 30 minutes. Cook for about 80 minutes or until golden and crispy.
I love love salads for lunch. Especially as the weather gets warmer. And this lentil salad is so easy and delicious! The recipe follows: combine, 1 can of lentils (drained and rinsed), 1/2 cup water, 1 cup of stock, garlic, lemon rind, thyme and celery in a pot over medium heat and cook at a simmer for 20-25 minutes. Meanwhile, chop up cucumber, tomatoes, coriander, parsley and a salad base of choice (I used spinach, but rocket would be great too). Drain the lentil mix, rinse very briefly so you don’t lose any flavour and add the the salad ingredients. Toss together and coat with a simple dressing of lemon juice & zest, olive oil, Dijon mustard, garlic, salt and pepper! This would be amazing topped with feta as well!
Good morning lovelies ✌🏼⛅️💕 This morning was leg day & 3 our of the 4 circuits were so very uninspired 👎🏼 I am still feeling a little frustrated, uncertain & let down with my results. I honestly felt like giving up a little. Like what’s the bloody point of trying so hard?? I put so much into this thing. Give it so much of my energy, my focus, my drive & I feel like I’m just getting nothing back ✖️ It’s fucking disheartening to say the least 😢 So leg day was just blah today. It also was so jumpy & had burpees in both circuits (lay down 🙄 & weighted variations) & that never sets me up for goodness lol 😂 Then I don’t really know what happened but in the last circuit (actually during the lay down burpees) I felt invigorated & so motivated. I killed it!! 💥 Did all 15 burpees in a row without stopping 💦👊🏼🔥 & it honestly put me in a much better mood!! This is why I’m thankful for exercise 🙌🏼 It’s so good for every part of us - not just our bodies!! I’m also going on a run at lunchtime so hopefully that helps me feel even better as well 🤞🏼 . . I won’t quit but fuck I am stuck at the moment & I’m not sure what my next move will be but I don’t want to keep on doing the same thing. So come Monday (after my break this weekend 🍷👯‍♀️) I’m going to shake something up. Any tips on breaking plateaus please feel free to share 😘 Happy Tuesday babes xx
I feel immensely grateful for the life I have, my wonderful husband, beautiful children & the million other things I could list. . But that doesn’t always mean I’m up beat and positive. Some days you can be a little bit over everything & what I’m learning is that is ok! 👌🏼 Life is not meant to be perfect, nor are we. . Giving myself a bit of time and space to recognise this has been invaluable. . Much love & Happy Tuesday. . . 📷 @_bethbridges_ 💫
If you don’t bake a pumpkin dessert, is it even fall ? 🤷🏼‍♀️ Not to mention that I “healthified” this pumpkin roll so I can light my fall candle, wrap up in a blanket, and eat this whole roll while watching Hocus Pocus 🎃