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#thestruggleisreal is the theme for this week’s #100strongchallenge and it’s perfectly timed because I STILL haven’t done any of the #sweat12wc. Travelling last week and then being sick and my stomach is still off. I’m ok for the most part but the idea of doing a ton of ab work or jumping makes me nervous. . I’m hoping today after work things will be ok again. . BUT I’m not bummed because this challenge is more about accountability and having fun with other people because I’ve already proven to myself that I can keep working out even things get in my way. . Who else is in the same boat as me? . . . . #sweat #bbgcommunity #bbgmoms #bbgmomsover30 #bbgover30 #bbgmontreal #fitmontreal #getfit #fitmoms #fitmomsofig #fitmums #kaylasarmy #sweatwithkayla #realbbglife #bbgmama #postpartumbbg #bbggirls #keepingitrealbbg #strongnotskinny #postpartumfitness #bbgweek13 #bbg2 #100strongsquad #bbg12weekchallenge
PORRIDGE DE CHÍA CON FRESAS Y FRUTOS SECOS 🍓 - Me encanta poner la comida bonita para las fotos pero luego soy incapaz de comérmelo así, necesito revolverlo todo! 🌪 - El porridge lo preparo la noche anterior y lo dejo toda la noche en la nevera, por la mañana le añado los toppings y desayuno listo! - Lleva: ★Semillas de chía ★100g de yogur griego light de @lidlespana ★Un poquito de leche de almendras sin azúcar de @ecocesta ★Fresas ★Mix de frutos secos: anacardos, cacahuetes y pipas de calabaza, todo natural. - Yo tengo un martes cultureta, ¡luego os cuento! ❤️ . . . #DesayunosConPatri #desayunolowcarb #desayunosano #desayunosaludable #desayunohealthy #chiaporridge #semillasdechia #comidasana #comidareal #comidasaludable #realfood #vidasana #desayunofitness #fitnessgirl #fitnessblogger #healthyblogger #patrilorenzofood #patrilorenzofitness #elegirbien #noesdieta #adelgazarcomiendo #comebonito #adelgazar #hallazgosemanal #healthyfood #foodphotography #recetassaludables #beautifulcuisines #f52grams #food52
DON'T FEAR FATS! ✋🏼 Studies now show that low-fat diets are not effective for weight loss or for overall health. 🚫Quality fats are a vital part of a healthy diet as they are necessary for proper absorption of essential vitamins, help regulate hormones and mood, improve insulin sensitivity and reduce inflammation. 💯 So don’t be afraid to incorporate healthy fats into your meals! ☝🏼Here are some great sources: •Olive oil, coconut oil, flax seed oil, etc. •Nuts, seeds & nut butters 🥜like walnuts, almond butter, tahini, hemp & chia seeds •Organic Butter / Ghee •Avocado •Wild salmon & Whole eggs🍳 •Dark chocolate 🍫🤗 My adding fats to your meals, not only will your food taste more delicious, but you'll also leave the table feeling more satisfied! 🙌🏻 #fats
What a busy Tuesday morning! Thankful for delicious breakfasts like this to get me through it but I had to wait to make this because we were covering a lot of breaking news. Of course I ate this in 5 seconds 🤣🤣 Have fantastic Tuesday friends! 🌤 #WeatherBreakfast is a toasted @foodforlifebaking sprouted grain english muffin with mashed avocado and hemp and chia seeds on top. I scrambled two eggs with some added egg whites on a bed of spinach, and have a few sliced apples 🌤 #meteobreakfast #happy #breakfast #weatherfood #food #goodfood #goodeats #instafood #instagood #instaeats #whatsonmyplate #foodblog #foodie #homemade #eating #bbg #bbgcommunity #healthyfood #health #goodhealth #nomz #foodporn #fitfam #healthyplate #healthy #eeeeeats #happyeats #healthyfoodporn #avocado
Happy #peanutbutterday guys! My Favo combo is #peanutbutter with blueberries on a toast. Love it. And cucumber with hummus. I hope the sun will come out today, but I'll be productive anyways. (Have to show you some of my new bujo pages, including one for the #sweat12wc ) How is your tuesday going? What did you have for lunch? And bbggirls, how is your challenge going so far? I enjoyed just dance for my liss. ♡
What’s the first exercise you think of when you want to grow your glutes??? 🤔.....Did you say SQUATS?? 😱 TRUTH BOMB: the PRIME movers when you do a squat are actually your QUADRICEPS and HAMSTRINGS (or the muscles on the front and back of your thighs). Your gluteus maximus (aka the big round booty muscle) is a SECONDARY mover and only assists in the movement. So all those “30 day squat challenges” that claim you will get a round and lifted butt by just adding more squats everyday.....are probably going to disappoint you with the results 🤷🏽‍♀️ Not to mention, doing 100s of squats everyday is putting A LOT of pressure and force on your knee joints, which is capable of causing damage over time 👎🏼 Squats may help a little bit, but you will be much more efficient with your time & energy by doing moves like the one in my video above ☝🏼 that’s from the program my virtual fitfam is doing that is DESIGNED to lift and tighten your glutes 🙌🏼😍 Today was booty day, and we only did ONE MOVE that involved a squat, but we had a resistance band on so REALLY we were working our outer abductors anyway 😉 You in for second round?? Shoot me a message and let’s talk #BootyandBrains 💕🔥🍑🤓 #AlwaysBeAStudent #ChoosePT
💕 Left Over Pasta 💕. . #tuppawarelife 🤗! . Saved some carbonara for dinner today 😍! Added some extra chicken .. gimmmme me dat protein 👐. . So only 10g of parmesan used 😏!
it's tuesday, it's rainy, this picture is terrible. 😂 it's cool though because i woke up early to do leg day because it didn't happen yesterday. 🤷🏻‍♀️ if you are new to your fitness journey (or even if you're not) & feeling like hope is lost because you missed a day, just brush it off & move on. if i quit working out every time i missed a workout or half-assed it i would have stopped long ago but for every crappy one there's about five others where i give it my all. keep chugging along. you're doing amazing. ily. ❤️
Lunch was roast cauliflower salad with chicken, super yummy!! . . Another morning without snacking means I won’t die of hunger before I have dinner late tonight! . . Plus one coffee only today!! (So far so good) yesterday u managed to have just one 🎉 . . #bbgcommunity #kaylasarmy #myjourney #healthymeals #cleaneating #fooddiary #leanin15 #90daysssplan #lowcarb #healthyeating #bootcamp #fitness #strongnotskinny #ministrydoesfitness #bestsbootcamp #hiit #cardio #bootcamp #90daysssplan #cycle1 #90dayssscycle1 #lunch #lunchbox
Hello guyyysss I had to rush today so I had a super quick breakfast which doesn’t look that great but it really is 😍 super simple just some yoghurt, oats and agave nectar 😍 sweet, filing and supper good! Anyway, I’m gonna eat some lunch now before my lecture 💕💕
GOOD MORNING☀️💛 this morning was the start of a 10 week lift program for my team, so I took some new “progress” photos and decided to compare pictures from a year ago... and HULLO feeling very accomplished👊 i put progress in quotations because honestly, this past year hasn’t been about looks for me. It was a year consumed by mental health, and to a degree, it made the way I looked in a bikini feel totally irrelevant... which is good and bad I guess🙃 I don’t feel like becoming thinner or more toned is “progress,” because I was comfortable in my body all goddamn year. But the fact that I was able to become fitter, and stronger, all while trying to deal with sometimes overwhelming anxiety, makes me so excited about the year to come. I’m focusing on myself again, and becoming the healthiest version of myself... and THAT is progress I feel proud of💛 have an AMAZING day friends!!
We have a major sweet spot for this combo. Who else loves 🍠 for breakfast? 📸: @wholebeeing