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“Don’t you, forget about me” - Simple Minds Slide through early morning for those graveyard shift workers or for those lucky sons a itches that don’t work Friday cuz I do 😭 Make sure you R.E.S.P.E.C.T. the spot. Absolutely no burn outs. No revving. No racing. Make sure to bring your front plates with you or you alone will deal with 5-0 👮‍♀️🚓 #california #reapers #showup #pullup #stayup #orwakeup #risengrind #carmeet #keepitchill #norevving #noburnouts #bringfrontplates #chillandrelax
Resolution number 4: forget about the shoulds you tell yourself. While Christmas carnage can still be seen around, we finally spent all weekend getting our house back to normal, almost. Heres to taking care of business at your own pace!
Life is muy bueno amigos 🤙🏻 l-i-v-i-n
**SOLD**AUKSHUN going down over at @rigdepot for this iced out beautiful cfl set!!❄❄❄🔥🔥🔥❄❄🔥🔥 made with @northstarglass Hydra that shifts green to blue/purple😎😎😎 and my handmixed color "iceberg" beautiful implosion min of @borobatch Blue Honey for grip and am amazing little icy shredder👊👊👊👊 go get those bids in 😉😁
I wish this piece was more up to par with my expectations quality wise. I really hated working with this color honestly but it's very vibrant 😋😁
Heres a downtempo mix I put together randomly with a homie of mine @_cp98 soo sit back and listen to a collection of pretty noises and deep wubs!! #keepitchill
This will be second quality if it survives but good practice either way 😏 #KeepitChill 😎❄❄❄❄
Thanks 200 followers 😊
The little details make a big difference 😎🔥