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Wake me up when it’s my Christmas holidays ❄️
Almost 6 hours of exercising, 3 days in a row not including 3 hours of dog walking and housework and I'm done 😂 my shoulders and arms are aching from working out with weights 3 days in a row 🏋️‍♀️ normally I break up my longer workouts to Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, regular yoga others days and Sunday well Sunday is my rest day 😍 I do an hour of yin yoga in my pjs (yin yoga is basically laying on the floor holding different stretches 😉) but this week I have to work on Wednesday morning on my day off 😭and it's completely mucked my routine up 😂 (I am rather ocd with routine) so Wednesday workout was done on Sunday, I couldn't even be bothered to get changed this morning so left on my work out gear, shoved my pj top back on and took the dogs out like that 😂(obvs hidden under my coat 😉) the rest of Wednesday morning jobs, meal planning etc are going to have to be squeezed into today and tomorrow night 😴 xx #imdone #workoutcomplete #knackered #exercise #workout #weights #yoga #addicted #loveroutine #ocd #splits
Trying this on the run up to my injection as quite frankly I’m going to end up with bed sores with all the napping I’m needing! I’m especially looking forward to “normal psychological functions” 😂😂😂 #b12 #b12shots #knackered #nap #napqueen #whatisnormal