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je veux pleins d'amis !!!🎠
i miss my boy and i feel so bad :(
"la nuit m’appartient, j’en suis la reine, la divinité. cette lune éblouit mes courbes et me rends étincelante, j’en suis l’étoile. tes pas rendent la nuit plus chaude."
⠀ ₊˚✩ jungkook 🔗🥀 可爱 | rant post ♯30 comment if you use and give CREDITS ! ⠀ — n__emesis
Kim Chaeyeon | 8 March 1998 | 20 | bisexual | switch, sub lean | model | single | cheerful but can be a bad girl in a split second | loves cuddles, hugs, puppies, dancing, travelling | hates thunderstorms, fake friends, seeing people feeling down | cares about her friends a lot | doesn't scared to make the first move | tongue technology turns her on | need friends so hit her up . . Comment ❤ for a possible dm
This would be a rant post ig
allez hop feed terminé
mmmh je veux reprendre jimin en model #kpoprp
my world 💞 my sunshineeeeee ☀️ he makes me happpyyy when skies are greeeyyyyyyy. almost seven months and I’m still in love with him. #kpoprp
didn't know you would be such a hypocrite.
life’s good
good morning i miss @my girlfriend ginna kiss her so much when she comes back