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Last Friday Renee bought in cupcakes for my birthday and we also said an early happy birthday to Tam as she will be celebrating it in the holidays 😋🍰 Thanks Renee ! So yummy! #lastdayofterm #birthdays
Stretching our way into the holidays... last day of term 1 today!!! Have a fabulous holiday everyone!
Bit of wet one for our last day of term... don’t forget your wellies! 🌧 ☔️
Our staff having some fun on the last day of term! Who can see their coach having a kick around!? Huge thank you to everyone who has been involved in Term 1 here at TFG. We’d like to thank our staff for their hard work and awesome coaching 🙌🏻👏🏻. We’d also like to thank the parents for bringing their kids every week! Annnnnd kids, we want to thank you for all working so hard every week and bringing the fun and energy into the building daily! Term 1 has been amazing. We are excited for our holiday clinics and for Term 2! Sign up quick if you haven’t already!! Enjoy the school holidays everyone! And thanks for being part of the TFG family!!! ⚽️💚TFG💚⚽️ #staff #fun #lastdayofterm #schoolsout #shootingpractice #goalie #soccer #football #fun #family #thankyou
When you wanna be a cool kid and climb the tarantula but it’s way too high off the ground 😅😂 #austeacher #lastdayofterm