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💙Today was superhero day for Archie’s class and he loved dressing up! It was hard to get a photo of him without being ran at with a shield though 😫 Our little hero has just finished his first term at school and it has been great to see him settling in well. It hasn’t been without its challenges, but Archie has adapted really well and has made some amazing friends! I know that this is the easy bit and it will only continue to get harder as his symptoms worsen, but I am 100% certain that he will find a way of making it work for him! After all, every superhero has weak points 🛡 ❤️ #superhero #lastdayofterm #schoolsout
To all those who have had a “not great” kinda day..... do your best to rock your day tomorrow because life is to short to have two days of crap in a row! Now I know I’m being dramatic today as in fact my day hasn’t been at all crap, in fact today at work has been one of the best so far this term (mini celebration dance 💃) but tonight my workout was far from perfect!! I fell over, nearly twisted my ankle.... I could go on!!! I’m not sure what was going on today but I’ve been so ridiculously clumsy.... anyone else have days like this???? So tomorrow I’m coming back stronger than ever and with a double scoop of my favourite rocket fuel!!! Because it’s last day of term tomorrow too!!! #teachersofinstagram #lastdayofterm #clumsy #failforward #getfitfromhome #mumfit #teacherfit #mumfun #excited #getleanforhalloween
FRIDAY FEELS!!! I’ve organized a sensory session on our last day of term twice now. It seems to be a real hit with everyone from K-6 across our 5 support classes. This time we introduced #gellibaff - the kids were amazed and loved the feel of it! They really loved when we added the powder that returned it to liquid. Other simple/easy/cheap rotations were sand, colored rice, sorting pompoms and pebbles, shaving cream, play-doh, exercise balls, threading etc... I think Friday Feels is going to be a new tradition for our last day of term from now on 😀👌🏻 #iteachsped #supportunit #specialeducation #specialed #specialeducationteacher #asd #autism #autismawareness #sensoryplay #sensoryfun #sensoryprocessingdisorder #sensorybin #sensoryactivity #lastdayofterm #timeforsomefun #speciallearners #lovemystudents #aussieteachers #aussieteachertribe
When you'll miss them past the yonves too 😟
Beautiful moments from Developmental Play on the last day of term!! I think I ended up doing 4 puzzles during that hour (thanks aldi!). I underestimated how much the kids actually LOVE to spend time with you as their teacher. I did 4 puzzles because they asked me to do it with them and I had the best time talking with them and doing something fun together. I think this teacher life is always so busy and we get caught up in the never ending to do list and forget that they are just kids, wanting someone to spend time with them and help them learn new things.
Best way to celebrate the last day of term with Kindy: PARACHUTE!