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Javvarisi Koozh anyone?! Sago Pearl's porridge This has been an all time favourite at home Never let mom use this for her vadams 😊😂 Method Soak a glass of sago pearls in sufficient water for 1 or 2 hours Drain and set aside, meanwhile heat a pan or cooker, add sesame oil Add ground 2chilli+1tsp kjeera paste to this and just fry till a nice aroma fills your kitchen Now add the drained sago Pearl's Add a good amount of water and let this boil for 20mins Stir intermittently Check if the Pearl's have turned translucent and turned off the stove Adjust the consistency as per your liking Add salt, squeeze a tsp of lemon juice and your are done! Relish this with pickle , I have here maavadu pickle Else enjoy as it is #latepost #javvarisikoozhu #momsrecipe #cookinglove #homecooking #instafood #dailyfoodpost #weeknightinspirations #weeknightdinner
Was a pleasure working with this stunner for her prom, swipe to see the whole look 😍 #latepost Dress by @jeaninebulaon
#LatePost But Happy 12 weeks for me! I am so grateful to be almost done with my first trimester 💕 I love you my precious little baby 👶❤️
not an influencer, i’m a tastemaker 🦋 (edit by: @natsighs )
reunited w/my love this past Sabbath 😆 #latepost