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Shoutout to y’all, for all the love you show on my pics ☺️ it’s taken a lot of “fuck it” moments to do what I want with this kinda-sorta fashion blog I’ve got going. It’s MY fashion, what I like, what I’m comfortable in. My confidence has gotten a boost (special shout-out to my husband for that💕) and I’m riding the fucking wave, with modeling clothes I love. I enjoy sharing that, and little bits of my life with you! Thanks for being here ✨💕 📸: @nada_cam • • • • #latinablogger #blackblogger #blackgirlblogger #newfashion #trending #debshops #confidence #goldenconfidence #follow #nofucks #fashion #fashionblogger #style #plussizefashion #dreams #ootd #chasingdreams #curvyblogger #curvygirls #curvy
🙋🏻‍♀️ Levanten la mano si son amantes del Glow? 🙋🏻‍♀️💯 Ahora en el blog les comparto swatches de la nueva paleta de iluminadores “Oh My Glow” de @jdezbeauty 👍🏼 📲enlace directo en mi biografía de IG ♦️♦️ 🙋🏻‍♀️ Raise your hand if you love to blind people with your highlight! 🙋🏻‍♀️💯 Now on the blog I share #Swatches of the new highlight palette from # 📲 Direct link on my bio. Click on English Blog tab for the English version 💞 #omgjdez #beautyblogger #makeup #bblogger #beauty #instamakeup #makeupjunkie #instabeauty #glow #latinablogger #Jdez
Some moments are made of pure magic ✨💕
“Mommy I’m clean. I’m not dirty.” Why would a four-year-old say this? To get out of a bath? To get more playtime? Yes, normally, but not for Pinecone. For Pinecone, water scared him more than anything. (screaming, crying, shuddering, all of the above) Pinecone, a toddler who is ripped from his siblings and his family, scared, of all things, water. Until (apparently) today. Today he jumped into the running bath before Acorn had his clothes off. Today, Pinecone is OK with taking a bath, and not just OK, he celebrates it. It’s been almost two months, and at the beginning, bath time was some sort of picture out of a horror movie. Now, now it’s just bath time. And it makes me think: these kids go through so much that even a bath is foreign and scary to them. I’m so happy to be blessed to give this little ones at least a taste of what a normal, happy family life is like.
Today was a good Monday, I got things done and there’s a N E W #youtube video up on my channel sharing some of my favorite booties for the winter season. 🌹 Wearing this cute pair of booties via @gojane in my new video, link in bio to see the rest! ❤️ # #latinablogger
Like walking up Champs-Élysées, and seeing the “star” of the juncture getting closer and clearer with every step 😍 The significance of the Arc de Triomphe is to honor those who died for the victory of France during the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic wars. I didn’t actually know this, but the details inscribed on the inner and outer surface of the arc are the names of the generals and victories from that war AND underneath the arc is a soldier buried who fought during WWI. The identification of the soldier remains a mystery. —- It’s interesting to see monuments all over cities that have lived through so many events. If the research isn’t done, the monuments/buildings remain just as that. No stories, no insight, no understanding. One of my favorite things to do when I visit a new city is to go on a walking tour. They a really are an awesome way to get to know a new city. Even if you live in a city or near a city with tourist attractions, I encourage you to look up a walking tour of your city. You may end up learning something new about the different buildings/ monuments/ parks/ houses you always walk pass in your day to day, and you may gain a whole new perspective and appreciation for your surroundings. Though the beauty of a monument like the Arc de Triomphe is undeniable, just imagine its extended history. Gives it more dimension, doesn’t it? Almost tangible ✨✨ ____ #travel #travelnotesandthings #travelblog #travelblogger #latinablog #latinablogger #latinatraveler #latina #wanderlust #fernweh #arcdetriomphe #champselysee #paris #france #francia #europe #europa #monuments #sightseeing #walkingtour
Wow! We had the most fun in San Miguel! We can’t wait to show you guys some dishes and dranks we had! 🍹🌮🌽 #CamiAndDaniTakeMexico
Because laughing burns calories 🤷🏽‍♀️
A little while ago, we decided to go to Walmart. We were going towards the freezer area. I noticed this man counting all of his change by where they had the twinkies displayed. We walked by trying to figure out what we needed from there. I turned to my husband and said “Let’s hurry up and get what we need and go back to ask this man what he is looking to buy.” That is exactly what we did. I approached the man and asked him. He responded with “I wanted to buy a sleeping bag for my wife and I.” I asked him if he wanted to go with us and choose one and he replied with “Yes Ma’am.” He grabbed this one thinking it was one of the cheaper ones and when we went to pay it was the most expensive. This man apologized to us for it being too expensive and thanked us several times for buying this for him. Doing this filled my heart with joy! I am beyond grateful for what my family and I have. I am glad my husband is just as loving, caring and thoughtful as me. We are definitely showing my son good. Although this man and his wife may not have a home, they now have something to keep them a bit warmer at night. All he asked for was a sleeping bag and he got it. He did not ask for money, not drugs, not alcohol. When any of you get the urge to want to give, G I V E. Don’t think twice even if it’s just a dollar or just some change you have laying in your car. Give always. Be generous. Be loving. ❤️ • • • #theaguirreadventures #bloggergram #mommybloggers #giving #loving #generous #bloggingmom #momslivinghappy #helpoften #homeless #bekindalways #giveback #behelpful #bloggers #bloggersofig #dailyblogger #bloggerlife #serviceblogger #communityblogger #toplatinasbloggers #latinablogger
Ever since the time change, it has become challenging trying to get my outfit of the day photographed. By the time I get out of work, there’s no light left for me. 🌞😔 I’m kinda OCD about that, so sometimes I choose not to post than to post a bad photo. I’ll use my mirror now and then, but that doesn’t show outfit details quite like the way our beautiful sunlight does. My indoor photography is horrible, but today I decided, good or bad, I’m still posting. So please forgive🙏, this won’t be happening too often. Either way, it’s more about the fashion, right? 🤷‍♀️ Well anyway, this is what I wore today💁‍♀️ #perseverence
Sore 😥 today, strong 💪🏼 tomorrow. Got to try out Pilates for the first time with my girl @looksbyloe.thecolourattic
I never knew how hard it could be to try and transition baby into their own room. I feel as if it will be harder for me than him. The cuddles and the kicking in the middle of the night I will definitely miss. Is he still too little or is he too old? lol I’m having a hard time deciding when the right time is or will be. How long did it take some of you mamas to let baby sleep in his/her own bed? • • • #theaguirreadventures #mamasboy #handsomelikedaddy #babynoah #parenthood #ig_motherhood #supermomsgram #realparenthood #stopdropandmom #stunningbabies #family #motherhoodthroughig #momslivinghappy #momswithcameras #momentsinmotherhood #mymommyinladay #honestlymothering #honestmotherhood #parenthood #realparenthood #magicofchildhood #mommybloggers #bloggingmom #motherhoodisdarling #toplatinasbloggers #latinablogger