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Got some requests for this recipe. This is actually just a fried hamburger patty topped with a slice of havarti cheese, a fried egg and 1/4 avocado sliced. Salt and pepper to top it off. So simple and delicious #keto #ketokiai #ketomadesimple #lchf #loveyourself
Can you believe that under all that icing is our sugar free chocolate cake?! The amazing @pipedream.celebrations created this cake using our 99% Sugar Free Rich Chocolate Cake Mix 😍🍰  #noshucakelovers
Walked across the street for dinner! I’m so proud of my babe by not ordering anything I couldn’t have like rice and beans, or mofongo! Still going strong!
FINALLY I have reached the 40 lb mark! Seems like it has taken forever! But that’s the thing that is always hard about weight loss, is trying NOT to compare it to others. I have learned that my body moves at its own speed. It might take me 6 months or even a year but that’s OKAY. I try not to stress over the scale and worry about how my clothes are fitting, but let’s just face it....that never happens. Weight loss is SO MUCH MORE than physical it’s mental too! You learn how to love yourself and be patient with yourself. My weight has fluctuated SO much in the past week and a half. But it’s all water weight, & apparently it clings to my body 😂 Almost half way to my goal weight 🙌🏼 Happy Friyay! 😀 🐛🔜🦋 . . . #keto #lowcarb #ketoweightloss #ketodiet #ketotransformation #lchf #ketolife #ketolifestyle
New glasses, who dis? 🤓 Actually, you may be wondering just that. It’s time for (re)introductions. I’m Laura. I’m 31 living in the Midwest, married for over 9 years (together over 13) to a hunky firefighter, and together we have two spunky kiddos (almost 6 and almost 3). I’m a hairstylist specializing in special occasion hair and balayage. I have a passion for cooking, crafting, and relationships. I began doing keto in January of this year after visiting Florida and feeling suuuuuper uncomfortable. Since then, I’ve lost over 42 pounds and my goal weight is within reach!! I use this account to be constantly inspired by awesome accounts about health and fitness, find a sense of community, and share recipes and what I hope is inspiration to others. I started working out in July and I’ve seen a big change in my body since then. I do Beachbody on Demand (I’m not a rep!) and walk/run with about one rest day a week. I don’t use exogenous ketones (my body makes them for free 😉) and don’t like to be sold MLM stuff, but totally love trying legit products that have the betterment of its users in mind. Thanks for following along and definitely tag any accounts that you think may inspire me! We’re all in this together!!
You guessed it, an iced coffee. I love to use this glass. Because Paul ... he is my one and only Superman 💗💋 . . . . . . . . #KetoForLosers 🥓 #KetoGirl 🥑 #KetoWife 🥩🍳 #Keto #KetoDiet #WeightLoss #Goals #LCHF #LowCarb #WeightLossJourney #MealPrep #KetoProgress #IntermittentFasting #KetoCouple 👩‍🍳👨‍🌾 #HealthyCouple 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️ #LowCarbLife #KetoLife #HealthyLifeStyle #SelfWorth #EatRealFood #Foodie #KetoDessert #KetoSnack #PCOS #Macros #AdventuresInKeto #Superman #DCComics #IcedCoffee