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How you start your morning is crucial to me. I’m not where I want to be in life just yet but I’m grateful I can blast my music, sip on my #HerbalifeTea and relax with a peace of mind. 💯☮️ . . . . Blood flow on point, the vascularity looking better, I ain’t mad at ya veins lol
My transformation to date on the left was my last day of my "bulk" I was so stupid never again will I do that I was 214.4 and on the left is this morning during my cut 177.2 still got more work but it's going good #transformationtuesday #bodybuilding #bodybuildingmotivation #lovebodybuilding #physique #npc #ifbb #gymjuice #gymrat #gymbro #consistency #consistencyiskey #thekeytosuccess #whateverittakes #neverstop #grind #gains #chasinggains #leaningout #gettingstronger #learnfrommistakes #showingthegains #betterbytheday #enjoythejourney
30 day challenge results! Starting weight 187 Ending weight 184 deadlifts up to 210 squats to 170 bench press at 105 Over all strength improved a lot! Noticeable changes in face, deltoids finally showing, less batwing, abs peeking through, and omg my butt my thighs. Strength increase and my cardio is way better. I attribute my new need to run a 5k to the HIIT runs I have been doing. Life style benefits. I fall fast asleep which is unheard of and sleeping well through the night. I can fall back asleep even if I have to get up to pee. I overall feel better, even though the void is trying to claim me on a constant basis. Sticking to a schedule was difficult with my work and travel. Every day did not go as planned with the meal plan or work outs. My digestive issues were also in disagreeance with a few of the nutrition items, but a little trial and error sorted that out. And early on there was the great catastrophe of VIR when all my food I had prepared for 4 days went bad. But I have enjoyed the getting up early for morning cardio then lifting lifting midday between my morning and evening appointments. I may try to continue to block my salon hours between 3 and 5pm to continue this. A whole lot of thanks to @anastasiarider for the meal planning and cardio schedule. To my boy @cfedyshin for the strength training plan. And to all my other fitness professional friends who have always been helpful and encouraging to me. I love this community and have long wanted to be a part of it. Its so much better to train with good support from friends who are active in the lifestyle. I did this challenge to see if I could stick to something and I have. So with that I suppose I should get to stepping on joining the professional fitness community myself. Its gonna take some time, but moves are being made. ::sings:: Something wicked this way comes.
👙 صيفك معانا غير 👒 👙 طقم بكيني فوشي 👙المقاس: فري سايز 👙 السعر : 3 دينار فقط 👒 كوني مميزة مع sport_fashionesta 📲 للطلب والاستفسار : whatsApp: 38812899 👇 أو إضغطي الرابط في البايو لتحدثيني وتس اب مباشرة 🚘 يوجد توصيل لكافة مناطق البحرين #bodycomposition #musclegains #leaningout #womenthatlift #toneup #dietandexercise #getfitstayfit #toning #eatcleantrainhard #totalbodyworkout #trainingplan #personaltrainers #surefatloss
🥙I talk a lot about being in calorie deficit for fat loss. However, I make a point to say that it should be a small deficit (300-500 calories). Crash/fad diets that produce large deficits just result in a loss of muscle mass, water and glycogen (maybe a little fat), even though the scales will go down. So if all you care about is scales going down but you look and feel like shit, then fine. However, if you want to just lose body fat and produce a firm, toned body, then you need to protect your muscle mass! . . 🏋️‍♀️Most people don’t have enough muscle as it is, so my god don’t go and lose the small amount you do have. The same goes for those of you who have worked hard to gain some new muscle. Once again, don’t lose it! This is why weight training is so vital during a fat loss phase, as it simulates the muscles and helps keep it there. This is assuming you’re eating at least a gram of protein per lb of bodyweight and, as said above, you stay in a SMALL calorie deficit . . 💰Think about it like this. You spend 5 years saving money for a house and when you’re ready to buy one, you decide to blow it all on a weekend in Vegas! It might have been one hell of a weekend 😂 but you see my point? Total waste of time saving that money. Muscle is bloody hard to build, so don’t lose it for the sake of the scale going down quicker . . ❓Drop your questions below and feel free to share this post 🤗 . . 👉If you’re struggling to lose body fat and keep muscle to produce that hard, firm look, send me a DM to get more information on my ‘Body Fat Blitz’ system and how I use it to get clients lean, toned, look amazing and feel fantastic 💪 . . #muscledefinition #buildingmuscle #bodycomposition #musclegains #leaningout #womenthatlift #toneup #dietandexercise #getfitstayfit #toning #eatcleantrainhard #totalbodyworkout #trainingplan #personaltrainers #dubaifitfam #dubaifit #dubaipersonaltrainer #fitnessdubai #fitnessdxb #xceed #musclemass #gainz💪 ----- Follow @MDHendriks @MDHendriks ----- Credit: @sam_xceedfit ----- Captivating content.
Happy Tuesday Y'ALL! Gonna be a WARM Atlanta day🌞 90s🔥 *CHALLENGING/PUSHING MY LIMITS* Day #3 - #gotitdone & feeling GREAT! **** #consistencyisthekey **** Completed 1st half of 2days challenge ✔Gym time 520-720am ✔Cardio- 65min #fastedcardio✔️ #elliptical 🏃‍♀️ #bike 🚴‍♂️ #burnfatburn🔥 ✔Strength- #fullbodyweighttraining 🏋️‍♂️ #buildingleanmuscles #leaningout ✔Hot #epsomsaltbath #rejuvanating #relaxing #reflecting#fasting 15hrs & counting (goal 20-24hrs) **** #gettinghealthyandfit #IntermittentFastingLifeStyle #Ketolifestyle #omadlifestyle #gluttenfreelifestyle #fitover40 #fitfam