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Winter Trainings with our fair share of sunshine. Effective Business Writing Workshop for a pharma company. Whether you want that million dollar contract, earn a promotion or close any job; crisp and conversational business writing is the key. . . . . . . . . . . . . #amritadesai #skillsbucket #skillsbuckettraining #training #learning #ilovemyjob #accountability #bizcom #emotionalintelligence #learninganddevelopment #corporatetraining #ahmedabad #ahmedabadcorporatetraining #businesstraining #softskills #softskillstraining #lovemyjob #leadership #branding #personalbranding #stressmanagement #communicationskills #leadershipdevelopment #leadershiptraining
No one knows the thrill of teamwork like those who work in hospitality. What could your people learn from Australia’s best chefs? Find out. #YourCorporateKitchen
I love a company that develops their people 🤗🏅 . Loved presenting this week in the head office in the Learning and Development department for Inspirational Speaking Workshop. . 🎯💡📚
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I know I’ve been MIA, but I’m only posting today to humbly brag about my son, Marcus! (And this might be long so sorry but not sorry...just love me anyway lol) If you ever met my son, you probably walked away thinking how incredibly smart and polite he is! And all that’s true...I was blessed with this kid he’s truly an amazing kid (now that Skylar...we gone work on her 🤦🏾‍♀️😂), but you’d never know that he’s struggled with his academics during his 3rd grade through 6th grade year. ____________________ At one point my son almost failed 6th grade, was considered a candidate for special education (which I refused), and attended summer school this past summer. Now through all of this, I continued to support my son’s passion for engineering. He’s been a member of Georgia Tech’s KIDS Club for 3 years focusing on Game and App development and LEGO Mindstorms. He just attended another workshop Saturday and left so amped y’all! I mean this kid really loves this stuff! ____________________ I know the full potential my son can reach. I talk to him and encourage him until I’m blue in the face, but I was so discouraged that I was failing as his mom bc his grades weren’t reflecting that genius everyone converses with daily. ___________________ Well all of that has changed! Today my son informed me that beginning next year, he’ll be transitioning to HONORS class! 🙌🏾 The kid did a total 180 his 7th grade year. He really buckled down and it’s paid off, but he doesn’t understand the extent of this HUGE accomplishment so please tell my kid how amazing he is instafam! I’d would so so appreciate it! Thank you and I appreciate all the love I’ve been receiving. I’m just staying lowkey and focusing on me and my babies right now. ❤️
As 2018 draws to a close I take a moment to stop and contemplate what I have accomplished this year. Time to reflect, to check-in with myself and see how I’m feeling about the year that's been. Have I pushed the limits and lived outside of my comfort zone? Have I taken opportunities to challenge myself and be brave? Have I seized chances and fulfilled my purpose? To some of you this may sound a little eccentric - and granted I’ll pay that self-reflection doesn't achieve the same outcomes for everyone - but for me it keeps me centred while giving me certainty that I’m spending time and energy focused on things that will progress me towards success and fulfil my value of contribution. This year has been a huge year! Taking the leap and going out full-time on my own has been the most courageous thing I've ever done in my career. Stop Standing Still has gone from a pipeline side-hustle to my full-time gig; by doing this I know that I have met the challenge to be courageous and have begun my journey to achieve my greatest self and live out my purpose! How has 2018 been for you? How did you fulfil your purpose or be courageous? Message me or comment
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#Customercentricity is not to be confused with customer service which is transactional and reactive. Instead, customer centric employees are always thinking about how their actions, decisions, and behaviors could potentially impact their customer, regardless if they are customer-facing or not. Something to think about! #WednesdayWisdom⠀