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After school, after work seshing! Do you get too tired to play Kendama after a school/work day, or do you just send it anyway? 😝 @chelseamayperez hitting a Dama Dare from @lisakendama! Got a Dama Dare for Chelsea? She’ll give ‘em a try! ✌🏼🤓
“Life has a crazy way of trying to distract you. Fight it and and do what you love.” So true, @jessica_love1993! 💯 Here’s Jessica with some single bangers! She also landed her first teeny tiny Boarder’s Balance, but it‘s a stepping stone nonetheless! 🙌🏼
Are you doing the #NattyNovember challenge? @sm_ash10 is! Give it a shot yourself! Follow her daily posts this month! 🙌🏼
Our own @sm_ash10 and @cho.dama competed in the Girls Open Division at #MKO2018 this weekend! Way to represent LEZDama onstage, Ashley and Jenny! 💪🏼🚺🐢🌈
Couple stall tricks by @annyechols on the KUSA Craft Shift. She is honed on the Underbirds and Birds! 😍👌🏼
#MKO2018 is TWO weeks away! @cho.dama has been on the grind with the Girls Open tricks! Way to represent LEZDama and the women of Kendama, JCho! 💪🏼🚺
Guess who’s back to the Kendama grind! Let’s go, @fushigeek! Missed seeing a trick from Alexis—and she still slays! ✌🏼😎
Here’s @stephlussier with a fun doubLEZ trick and some flow with our homegirl, @deardar! Loving the energy in this video! So incredibly cute! 😃🍕🌊❤️
Do you guys play with Kururins too? Here’s @jessica_love1993 with a smooth grip change combo! 🤘🏼❤️💙
Be sure to check out @sm_ash10’s first Kendama edit! Peep her mind-blowing skills, tech, and even her current Kendama collection in the link of her Bio! Can’t wait to see Edit 2! 💪🏼🤯 ・・・ #Repost @sm_ash10 “I was feeling super inspired when I got back from Denver last week, and grinded this out over the long weekend. Let me know what y’all think!”
Teammates meeting teammates for the first time is always fun! The ladies of LEZDama rarely get a chance to hang out and jam, but when @reinkout is visiting California from Serbia and Hungary, you bet we’re gonna throw an #UrbanLightSesh mini-jam for her! Safe travels, Mihaela! 🤘🏼😘🤘🏼🌈
DAMN! Still got it! @ayejaks hasn’t posted a trick in a while, but you better believe she still slays! Here’s a clean multi-juggle line on the Kendama Mastaz Halo! 🤘🏼😇
Give @cho.dama some Dama Dares and inspiration to post more Kendama! 😝👍🏼 ・・・ #Repost @cho.dama “I’m baaaack! 😂 I know I’ve been criminally inactive as late, but I promise I’m still jamming dama from time to time!“
Catch @sm_ash10 at the All Girls Kendama Event next month and at Minnesota Kendama Open too! LEZDama reppin’! Here she is working on some consistency tricks! Good luck at the competitions, dude! 👏🏼😁🔑