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Happy birthday, Jade Sotomayor!!!
BOOK TWO BEAUTIFUL DISASTER: The Warrior They say they understand. But do they really? It’s exhausting being there for everybody, but when you hit a wall and actually need somebody nobody is to be found. It’s exhausting trying to help someone who doesn’t want to be helped. It’s exhausting thinking you are important to someone but that feeling is jerked away in a heartbeat. It’s exhausting to have that urge to drink and to numb the pain. It’s exhausting having those negative thoughts skipping along your mind. It’s exhausting trying to keep your head above water when the monsters in the dark depth keep trying to pull you under. It’s exhausting knowing that time can be taken away from you at any point. It’s exhausting not being able to always explain what is on your mind. I am exhausted. But I keep on trying and always will be there. Just remember, someone is always going through something. People’s level of depression can be different. Some people are just more silent when it comes to it. Don’t be a dick and take someone for granted because there maybe a day when they aren’t there anymore.©️MW • • • #mw #michellewilson #toughtimes #depression #staystrong #lifesuckssometimes #dontgiveup #keepmoving #itwillbeokay #poetry #poetrycommunity #poetryporn #mythoughts #mywords #feelings #writersofinstagram #writer #writerscommunity #authorsofinstagram #author #lezbehonest
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Happy birthday, Wolfgang Joop!!!
Happy birthday, Vernon Clay!!!
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How do I begin to acknowledge someone who is more than? More than a best friend. More than a girl. More than a source of light that fucking radiates wherever she steps? With every year I watch you be the brilliant, pragmatic, sarcastic, caring, selfless, athletic, stunning, reliable, authentic, and all out scrumptious human I’ve always known you to be. With every year I value our friendship more and I look forward to growing with you and sharing all the challenges, joys and milestones life brings. One day we will sit in our rocking chairs and you’ll finally teach me to knit ok? Thanks for being born, you fucking queen!! Happy 28th Birthday Steffalu I love youuuuu!!