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A U T U M N D A Y S Well would you believe this was lunchtime today sat on our nearest beach in the warm autumn sun? It felt like summer had crept back for the day! The littlest one and I enjoyed a last minute unplanned day at the beach and it was gorgeous! We walked a good few miles, played with shells in the sand and had a hot chocolate before heading home. Whilst walking along the seafront pushing Eliza in her pram I had the huge daunting thought of this could be one of the last times that she is the littlest one, just the two of us. Her brother is going to arrive soon, I can feel it, can feel my body getting ready and my head too! I remember feeling this way with Eva, my eldest, when I was expecting Isabella holding on to every last second of her being my baby before someone else nestles in. Eliza and I have had a lot of one to one time when the two bigger girls are at their dads or school and soon I think her little nose is going to be out very out of joint! Most days I already feel there isn’t enough of me to go around and I always worry about one of them missing out, but then I remember growing up as an only child until 9 how lonely I was and how much I would have loved lots of brothers or sisters to be around. I’m gearing myself up for the short age gap and having two under two again, the nappies, the tantrums, the constant want from both but with different needs... I am a little bit scared, but seeing my two biggest girls together who are like best friends I know it will be worth it that they get to grow up alongside each other so what I may miss whilst trying to juggle all of them they gain from their siblings. There’s going to be a whole lot of love in this house soon! What age gaps have you got or would like? I love the age gap between Isabella & Eliza which is 3 years it definitely felt easier than 18month age gap! . . . . . . . . . . . #motherdaughter #lifestyleblog #motherdaughtertime #mothercare #iphonesia #photosofengland #makemoments #motherhood #iphoneonly #momsofinstagram #storytelling #iphoneography #motherhood #lensculture #thehappynow #uk_greatshots #devon #devonlife #pregnancy #baby #beach #beachlife #beachbaby #motheringit
For special occasions 🖤
When I was seven year sold, I began to perform at my local community theatre. The rest, as they say, is history. Sitting in the dressing room, getting ready for the show, I used to love watching the teenage girls in the cast apply their makeup for the show. I learned different techniques of applying false eyelashes, lipstick, even eyeshadow, all by watching them. Today, we all have this opportunity - we can even watch in our pajamas ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ A loyal subscriber of @glamlifeguru (circa 2015), I trust her opinion on products like no other - especially considering how poised and articulate they are. She has a message of positivity and love, but more than anything else, she believes that beauty begins within. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ So, when I heard she was launching a product, it was no surprise to me that it was a beauty-related all-natural supplement. @halobeauty is a wellness company that supports a healthy lifestyle. I couldn't wait to get my hands on her Hair, Skin, and Nails Booster. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ New on TKF 👉🏻 30 Days of Halo Beauty. The results (photos included). Happy Reading! ✨😇
COSA TI MANCA? Sembra che la nostra esistenza sia un barattolo sempre un po’ vuoto, proviamo ad aggiungere un cucchiaino di una cosa e un misurino dell’altra, cercando di vedere attraverso quel vetro un’armonia di colori. Gestiamo mancanze e assenze in modo perpetuo, ma tu, alla domanda “cosa ti manca?”, che cosa risponderesti? Beh io questa domanda l’ho fatta a tante persone e scavando un po’ oltre al “mi manca lei/lui” emerge un mondo davvero interessante. Spesso a mancare è una sensazione, un’emozione, un modo in cui si stava, specie nei giorni belli, nei primi tempi, negli attimi spensierati. Possiamo trovare in noi risorse infinite, stabilità e doti di ogni genere ma il friccicorio, il brivido, le farfalle nello stomaco, beh per quello c’è bisogno di uno scambio. E allora forse, e dico forse, non ti manca il tuo o la tua ex, che se sono ex un motivo ci sarà, forse ti manca avere 20anni, nessun problema all’orizzonte e quell’amore che sembrava far esplodere il cuore, perché era il solo che conoscevi. Ti manca sapere che qualcuno a te ci teneva, di te si prendeva cura, ti manca quel sentimento da percepire addosso o da donare, ma con quella persona non ha più nulla a che fare. Ma siamo fatti così, ci piace dare un nome a un mucchio di cose. Credo che l’unico modo per sapere se a qualcosa ci tieni davvero sia capire che cosa sei disposto a fare per ottenerla. I pensieri sono nobili, le parole spesso struggenti, ma senza la concretezza dei fatti ognuno di questi aspetti risulta un po’ vuoto e incompleto. E allora, visto che di buoni propositi non si muore, questa settimana usala per unire pensieri, parole e azioni e vai a prendertela quella cosa che ti manca, ma fallo donando tutto quello che hai. ❤❤ #pensieri #parole #riflessioni #storytelling #travel #traveladdict #travelblog #curvyneverstops #curvygirl #diariodiviaggio #scrittura #wanderlust #gipsy #lifestyleblog #lifestyle #storytellingphotography #lifestylephotography #labellezzadellecosefragili #partire #pensierieparole #scrivere #seychelles #oceanoindiano #lastradaperlafelicita #nofilter #viaggigiovani #nomadimoderni
// Garden Design // 🌱🌿🌾 I’m so happy with how this part of the build turned out. I can’t recommend enough if you are planning a build of any kind that you give thought to the surrounds while you plan it. It’s much easier to make structural additions while you build (like these steps) than to come back to them, and you might need something for access to enjoy your new space. Also if you have kids, it’s partially about safety. Anyone interested in a blog post on the process? #gardengoals #gardendesign #greenfingers #smallgarden #tieredplanting #prairiestyle #pietoudolfinspired #autumngarden #autumnplanting #houseandgarden #goldenhour #mygarden #realgarden #lifestyleblog #gardenblog #caughtflowerhanded
Wall art moment. Early mornings, God, peace, reflective, cup of tea...You there yet?
«ЗНАКОВЫЕ» МЕСТА ⠀ которые обязательно нужно посетить в Санкт-Петербурге. ⠀ 🔻Эрмитаж ⠀ Один из крупнейших художественных и культурно-исторических музеев России и мира. ⠀ 🔻Храм Спаса-на-Крови ⠀ Православный храм, сооруженный на месте смертельного покушения на императора Александра II. ⠀ 🔻Исаакиевский собор ⠀ Собор построен в 1818—1858 годы по проекту архитектора Огюста Монферрана. ⠀ 🔻Летний сад ⠀ Памятник садово-паркового искусства первой трети XVIII века, был заложен в 1704 году по велению Петра I. ⠀ 🔻Русский музей ⠀ Крупнейший музей русского искусства в мире. Официальное открытие музея - 7 марта 1898 года. ⠀ 🔻Смольный собор ⠀ Смольный Воскресенский собор входит в состав архитектурного ансамбля Смольного монастыря. ⠀ 🔻Кунсткамера ⠀ Первый официальный музей в России, был учрежден Петром I. Обладает уникальной коллекцией предметов старины, раскрывающих историю и быт многих народов. Но многим этот музей известен по коллекции «уродцев» — анатомических редкостей и аномалий. ⠀ 🔻Казанский собор ⠀ Один из крупнейших храмов Петербурга, выполненный в стиле ампир. ⠀ 🔻Петергоф ⠀ Дворцово-парковый ансамбль на южном берегу Финского залива. Находится на территории муниципального образования город Петергоф в Петродворцовом районе Санкт-Петербурга. ⠀ 🔻Стрелка Васильевского острова ⠀ Восточная оконечность Васильевского острова в Санкт-Петербурге, один из самых завораживающих архитектурных ансамблей города, пример гармонии архитектуры города с пейзажем берегов Невы. ⠀ 🔻Петропавловская крепость ⠀ Крепость в Санкт-Петербурге, расположенная на Заячьем острове, историческое ядро города. Официальное название - Санкт-Петербургская, в 1914-1917 годах ⠀ 🔻Дворцовый мост ⠀ Разводной мост через реку Неву в Санкт-Петербурге. Соединяет центральную часть города и Васильевский остров. Находится на оси Дворцового проезда и Биржевой площади. ⠀ #blogger #styleblog #foodblogger #blogpost #blogs #bloggerlife #travelblog #lifestyleblog #instablogger #beautyblogger #follow #likeforfollow #like4likes #likeforlikes #like4follow #likeme #followforlike #followforfollowback #love #family #travel #sun #sea #ocean #weekend #morning #beautiful #autumn #September #spb
One day at a time. One foot in front of the other.🌻
Пока я тут ленюсь и ничего не делаю, решила поделиться с вами очень оригинальным, сфотографированным через сетку закатом. Небольшой флешбек из лета перед началом настоящей осени. 🍂
Recovering today from three shoots in three days! Woke up a little sickly, which happens with me if I ask my body for too much. Currently drowning myself in Vitamin C, peppermint and tea tree essential oils and huge mug of Defense Tea from @teavanatea ☕🍊 I also take a pharmacy's worth of vitamins and supplements prescribed by my doctor. . . What are your go to get better quick remedies? Suggestions are super welcome for this busy birthday week 🏃‍♀️💃🎂 . . #myinvalidlife #actress #actor #act #behindthescenes #atxlife #atx #austintx #austintexas #austinwomen #austinfilm #lifestyleblogger #lifestyleblog #mondaymotivation
APL’s for the win. @apl Parapapapa Im lovin it
טעימה מהאימון חזה היום ! 👊🏽