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Just a little status update...hovering around 158lbs which is cool. Need to limit my sugar intake but other than that, trying to eat as much and as healthy as I can without tracking macros. Shoutout to @drinkorgain for making the BEST tasting whey protein I have found after years of trying different varieties and seeing what digests well for me. Chocolate is my fav of the 2 as vanilla tastes like confetti cake more than vanilla but still good. Mixes great with almond milk, don’t bother drinking with water. Spent an hour doing some solid stretching, foam rolling, and mobility work and feeling ready for another week of training. I’m a little over a month in and making progress every week minus injuring my shoulder overdoing it on bench press this week. Hopefully I can start low weight and build backup again this coming week.
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You only get one day of good benching per week. Top was 190x4 but it hurt a lot. Dropped the weight to like 165 and it still kinda hurt. Spoto pressing even weaker afterwards. #lifting #bench #weaksauce #powerlifting #notcool
Single arm DB Bench Press. – Following 2 heavy sets at 80s for 3 reps, I dropped to 45s for speed. – A lot of talk about "explosive training" but you just can't generate the potential force for speed without first developing a solid base of strength. – For me speed reps only become apart of my training once I had build a solid base: 500lb dead, 400lb squat, 90sx5 for DB Bench. – You don't get the sexy before the work. Put your head down, grub hard, and go out and earn your "explosive training" you see your favorite MLB star doing. — follow @justifiedjourney ——— #training #lifting #baseball #baseballtraining #hardgrubbin #velo #velocitytraining #gains
Finally starting to feel better after being sick the past 3 days 😓 Gonna be resting up for a few more days cause ya girl can’t afford to keep getting sick every other week 🙄 Hope you’re all having a splendid Saturday ❤️ Kill it in the gym for me y’all😋
Summer shredding is in full effect ! Weighted at 137,4lbs this morning. Staying consistent with your nutrition and training is the key ! It’s just a habit guys, everyone can do it 😊 If you have any questions feel free to DM me ! 😜💪🏻
Second time doing my new cardio routine and loving it so far. 2.5 incline (thinking of changing it to 3.0) 1min of 3.0mph, then 30sec of 9.4mph (gradually will build up speed once I get back into running). It takes me around 25mins including warmup and cool down (walking)!! Kinda scared it’s going to size down my glutes, but since I’m trying to cut right now, gonna see how it goes!! #physique #cut #gym #cardio #cutting #lifting #workout #fitness #bodybuilding #girlswithmuscles #girlswithtattoos #girlswholift #fitnessmodel #ジム #フィットネス #ワークアウト #筋肉 #筋肉女子 #筋トレ #フィジーク #フィットネス #スポーツ女子クラブ #ボディビル #ボディメイク
Ya gurl never got around to ordering herself chalk so she scrubbing the floors of chalk messes that people didn’t clean up. Not that effective because the bar kept slipping, but it was enough to get me through all my sets without completely dropping the weight. 6x5 last set shown.
Been Lifting consistency for about a year now, thought I’d throw together a Back gym edit. I started last year with at a weight of about 160 and now I am at 180. Although this year wasn’t a perfect year with a shoulder injury, hip injury, and getting pneumonia I still was able to make progress.