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I had to go #shopping today because I was having to dig out clothes from 10 plus years ago since nothing was fitting me. 2 years of #heavy #lifting and now the #keto #diet and I’m wearing a #size #zero which I haven’t worn since I was a teenager.
Tomorrow I'm going to weight in, so I can share with you guys my 20lbs weight loss journey. I'll share my journey mainly on my Insta-story, I don't want to be super annoying. I honestly dislike the scale and haven't stepped on one in a longggggggg time. The scale can not differentiate the difference between fat and muscle, so I usually track my journey on how my clothes fit and how I look in the mirror. But, for the purpose of this journey I'll be utilizing the scale. 😩😩😩😩😩
@goruck Memorial Day Honor the Fallen Light. Did the normal stuff, carried a telephone pole, played dizzy ruck relay races complete with somersaults to the finish line, took 3 dips in Lake Erie....totally normal.
Neden Ekşi Maya Ekmek? Hep sorular alıyorum, neden ekşi maya ekmek, ne farkı var, özelliği ne diye? Gerçi tadına bakmadan anlayabilmek oldukça zor ama yazarak ne kadar anlatılabiliyorsa anlatacağım. Aslında bu ekmeği yapmamın, yapmaya devam edecek olmamın ilk sebebi doğal olması. Yani katkı maddesi yok. Un, su, tuz. 3 malzeme. Bu kadar. Olduğu gibi. Un ve suyu karıştırarak belirli bir süre reaksiyona sokuyoruz. Yaşayan bir maya elde ediyoruz. Kendine has ekşiliği ve yapısı olan bir maya. Bunu ekmek yapımında kullanıyorum. Doğal ve katkısız olması, aynı zamanda onu diğer ekmeklere göre daha sağlıklı yapıyor. . Prof. Dr. Erdem YEŞİLADA Tamamını okumak isteyenlere
Jay working on getting to 135 6*5 great job keep it up
Where’s the line between vain, and self-love? ••••• 💕Today I had one of those days where I just was so proud and impressed with my physique. I put my make up on, did my hair, and threw on my “not bloated” outfit (come on, we all have them🤷🏼‍♀️). As I went to take a picture outside I suddenly stopped and thought... well what if someone sees and judges me or thinks I’m conceited? And it almost stopped me. • • 👉🏼But then I took a step back and remembered I deserve to have days where I want to document myself. I spend hours in the gym. Hours in the kitchen. Miss dinners with friends, for this physique. and STILL have a lot of insecure days. So if I want to document a good day, then I’m going to do it. AND SO SHOULD YOU. 💜 Conceited isn’t about taking pictures of yourself. The line isn’t how many selfies you take. Or sassy photos you have someone take of you. To be vain or conceited is to have a disregard of others, and the world around you because you’re too obsessed with what you want. So don’t worry about what others will think if they see you take a picture. Because in a few days when you feel like a potato, you can go back and reassure yourself that this negative self view is all in your head. #knowyourselfknowyourworth 💕 💕 #npc #npcbikini #bikinicompetitor #bikini #girlswholift #dedication #competitor #dedication #competitor #bodybuilding #healthylife #lifting #fitness #fitspo #selfdiscipline #workhArd #athlete #fit #photography #selfconfidence #saltwaxsociety #summerready 👙
The Fight. No matter who it is, a fight exists. Internally, externally, the battle is real to each person involved. The key is to push forward, endure, resolve the fight to a victory you decide. It's not always easy, but in those battles, many times at least, the greatest lessons can be learned. Keep Moving Forward Forge Greatness #fight #fighter #fighting #warrior #lifting #flex #flexing #motivate #motivated #inspired #inspiring #workout #saturdayfit #fitnessjourney #iseeyou #gym #goldsgym #thespacemancan #firefly #battle #keepmovingforward
Deadlifts 480+chains 3x2... deadlifts feeling good 😊