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Seventeen already 🎂🎈Happy Birthday to my littlest brother @sebastiancroft . Love you always. X
These two ✨ Either fighting like cats and dogs or lovin on each other as fierce as love can get 💛 I’ve told them that they aren’t always going to get along but they will always have each other and that’s pretty special. On the days where Jett won’t leave Molly alone she likes to remind me that she wanted a little sister (and is still waiting on one 🙈). I like to remind her that Jett was made especially for us and he sure is lucky to have her as a big sister. A sister, despite wanting another girl to do things with, who stepped into the role of helping to raise a smart, happy, brave little brother. Sometimes I think she isn’t listening when I tell her things like having to set a good example cause he’s always watching her, he sure does look up to her. I overheard her the other night telling a cousin that it’s important to behave in front of Jett because he learns how to act by how they act. She truly makes me proud. She tells adults that when he says “No” or “Stop” they need to listen. When kids start grabbing toys out of his hand she tells them that he had it first and when he’s done it can be their turn. And Jett, I don’t know if I’ve ever met someone so little with such a big heart. When his Sissy is sad or upset he always has to check on her. Climbs into her lap and gives her those neck hugs that toddlers give best. Loves snacks but loves sharing the last bite with Sis even more. They fight everyday and they love everyday. They never go to bed mad at each other, couldn’t possibly stay upset with one another for longer than 10 mins. They would do anything to make the other laugh when one is feeling down. They are the true definition of unconditional love and I learn so much from the love they share. I don’t know what I did to deserve these two but I thank God everyday for choosing me to watching them grow ✨
Wir hatten heute morgen unseren ersten Schnee ❄️ nicht viel aber die Kinder haben sich gefreut. Weiße Weihnachten wären echt mal schön aber hier im Rheinland ist das leider eher nicht der Fall . Wie ist es bei euch ? Habt einen schönen 3 Advent ihr lieben 🖤 #ersterschnee #3advent #kinder #kids #children #childhood #happykids #lifewithkids #lebenmitkindern #our_everyday_moments #toddler #littlebrother #meinjunge #ourchildrenphoto #pixelkids #kidsofinsta #momofboys #family #momofboys #kidsstyle #childhoodunplugged #momswithcameras #mommylovesyou #meinjunge #proudmom #kleinerfrechdachs #picoftheday #instamom #jungs #kidsblogger