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When we have cute customers a photo is justified. . Kids understanding #Sustainability at a young age and being exposed to #Ecofriendly products is an amazing step towards a greener future 🌱💚 . As a brand we are working hard on how can we keep it consistent and offer unique products. Hope everyone is having a good weekend! #LeftHandesign #LHmoments #LifestyleBrand
🌞 Only I can change my life; no one can do it for me. 🌞 Good morning, and thank you to Carol Burnett for such beautiful and true words. 💜👍😍 . Have a fantastical day my friends, don't forget to be a smile today!!
Дорогие друзья, я как любой порядочный человек, решила в этот период устроить распродажу!💯 Серебряные кулоны с натуральными камнями по супер ценам: 💙Голубой Топаз цвета Лондон - 0.70 карат 1800₽ 💚Перидот - 0.60 карат 1950₽ 💗Родолит - 0.55 карат 1500₽
How’s everybody this Sunday? I am having fun doodling in my latest acquisition - my notebook. As you can all see, my notebook addiction continues. This one says - “Eat Cake for Breakfast”. Have you ever heard anything more beautiful than that? Not only does it give the soundest advice ever given, it is bright pink in colour. Total win win in my mind! #relaxingsunday #hellosunday #hellosundaymorning #stationery #stationeryaddict #lazymorning #pinknotebooks #eatcakeforbreakfast #katespade #katespadenotebook #tealover #florals #teacupsandsaucers #doodling #destress #stationerylove #flatlay #pens #goodvibesonly #stationeryofinsta #katespadestationery #weekendvibes #livelittlethings
The end of a busy week - finally got my first @officialbyredo perfume in Blanche, which like the name, reminds you of the color white. It has notes white rose, pink pepper, peony and sandalwood but to me it smells of fresh sheets and airy room 🙌
All the peace of Sundays