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Star Trak 🖖🏾 It’s been 7 years since their last album, but it’s like @NERD never left, and in light of the state of our world, they are as conscious as ever. N.E.R.D. teamed up with Kendrick Lamar on a track called Don’t Don’t Do It, inspired by the late Keith Scott of Raleigh, NC. Keith suffered from a TBI, didn’t fit the description of a suspect at large, and was gunned down by local police. First, No Malice and Rey Fonder release “Come Again” and then cool kids N.E.R.D drop “No_One Ever Really Dies” yesterday. Who knows what’ll happen next! OAN: Listening session goals 😩🙌🏾 Diddy, Usher, everybody was there...
🎶 I've been living life, and I hope that you do the same, Cause if you ain't doing what you love it's only you to blame🎶
I move caine like a cripple Balance weight through the hood,kids call me mr.sniffles
We all know he's trolling and knows exactly when it's coming