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🆘⚠️ GUYS PLEASE PRAY FOR MY BUDDY MAXIMUS 🙏 This beautiful young boy has been diagnosed with Distemper Virus and is in dire need of Prayers🙏 If anyone knows of any new innovative treatments for this please message me or his mom♥️ They do not care about cost - they just want they’re baby well🙏 ・・・ ⚠️UPDATE ABOUT MAXIMUS⚠️ MAXIMUS is diagnosed with a viral disease canine distemper. He showed a few symptoms 😔😔 he lost too much weight. The doctors said that it’s necessary to recover within 2-3 days or the problem will become serious. Guys please pray for Maximus .lovers.insta .lovers_ Via Follow me Follow @noah_rott_house for more pics/photos . Via: @rottweilerhappyplace . Double Tap & Tag Your Friends Who Love This #rottweiler_feature #rottweilerlovers #rottweilersofficial #rottweilersofig #rottweilerlife #rottweilerdog #rottweilerlover #instarottie #rottweilerpuppies