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I MISS THEM // Our twins are sleeping, as they should be it’s 8.30pm AND, I miss them! I miss their smells and their beautiful smiles and faces. Don’t get me wrong... I want them sleeping during the night (I’m not that crazy!). Does anyone else miss their babies even while they are sleeping? Or am I just a crazy obsessive Mum? 🙈x . . . . #lovebeingamom #lovebeingamum #bestjobintheworld
This illustration makes me smile! My friend just told me how one of the teachers on her staff shared the book Grandma’s Purse with her and said, “Can you order more books like this for us?” Yassss!!! @vanessabrantleynewton, more books and illustrations please! We love them! She’s one of my favorites! 📷: @vanessabrantleynewton
This is one of our favorite monster books for class readalouds and bedtime stories! Not only is it funny but the illustrations are amazing! I’d often use this book to have students create their own stories with, just by looking at the illustrations! What’s your favorite monster book?