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Waiting for the photographer to arrive. There is only so long you can keep a 3 year old clean and 3 of them is even more difficult. I also can't start dinner till they have been. The boys don't often wear a shirt but these are cute with no collar @shopmatalan • • • #waiting #bored #photographer #pose #triplets #identicaltwins #twins #multiples #kuzeykorayayaz #mummy #daddy #myboys #bestfriends #tripletsofinstagram #mamatotripletboys #mamaofsix #brothers #daddytotripletboys #lovemyboys #hurryup #dontgetdirty
The face you make when mom uses double blue bands throughout her workout.
Need a quick on the go snack? Try the new beachbar! We LOVE anything with chocolate and PB in it and these certainly do NOT dissapoint! At only 150 calories, with 10G of protein, NO trans fat, gluten free NO artificial flavors, colors or preservatives and only 5g of do you NOT love that? Want to get your hands on a box? Drop me your email below (without the .com)
I’m not gonna lie waking up to the sound of the ocean and a view of the sea does wonders for the soul...but when I woke up this morning to the sound of my coffee maker going, my dogs collar rattling as she moved to curl up behind my legs followed by my boys voices calling me into their rooms for hugs and back scratches...those are the sounds I am going to cherish forever! I missed these faces! #oilyspaldingfam #wanderlust #lovemyboys #growingtoofast #backtoreality
Going through old photos. This is my Boo Boo a month before he turned 2. He’s 8 now. Damn! Times flies!
This has brought me a lot of peace of the years. When we have really tough days i like to read this, it helps make me feel grounded. And grateful that our situation isn't worse. Having kids with special needs isn't something you plan, its something you except, and move forward the best way you can. I have had to learn to let go of the expectation for normalcy. We dont have a normal life, our children dont fix into the standard box. But that doesnt make them any less worthy of living their best lives! And our goal everyday is to give them the best chance at a full and happy life. Our boys have changed our lives, and we couldnt be happier ❤ #proudspecialneedsmom #lovemyboys #perfect #onedayatatime