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[LONG POST] I have tried to do poetry and writings only, but I love taking photos because sometimes I don't have the words. I have tried organizing my profile, but it felt less organic. I have tried posting on a schedule, but this is a leisure activity, fuck scheduling. I respect all that do and can, but I will not. My page and posts will be a constant projection of me. I am not put together, I tear at the seams. I will not produce content with filters, only raw honesty in the moments captured. I will not schedule, I will actively resist it so that I can capture the imagination of those at 3am or around the world. This account will be like a comic, full of pictures and words, each telling a story. My writings will be mindful that there is always more. My photos will always begin with me saying, "oh, that's beautiful..." before I take it. Above all else, everything on here is shared, for you and me, because it's a social platform and I'm tired of being alone in a crowd.