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We had been sleeping just so peacefully. My head was resting on Shawn's bare chest, his muscular arm around my waist, both our breath steady and calm. The sun yet to make her way over the horizon. But for almost 2 moths now there was something cleaning this peace for themselves. And so the sound of her crying caused the both of us to wake up. Don't get me wrong Shawn and I loved our little princess endlessly but sometimes even the biggest love can't overcome the desire to get a full night of sleep. Groaning I sat up and rubbed my tired eyes untill my vision got less blurry. The cradle stood just across the room right next to a small shelf with all the baby essentials. Right as I wanted to push the blanket off my leg, the feeling of a big arm pulling me back. "I got this one" the simple words, wisperd in his ruspy morning voice, caused a thankful smile to tug on my lips. "Thank you. I love you " "I love you more" Shawn mutterd before leaving a kiss on my temple and getting up. I sat up straight, stretched and watched his handsome figure taking the little human into his arms. And even though the silence was interrupted the peace wasn't. It was still there. Like always. After changing diapers the both came back to me. Our little girl in her pyjamas and her daddy in his boxers. "Aww come here to mommy sweetheart" I giggled taking my girl into my arms. "I love you". Her giggels caused the smile on both of our faces to grow even wider.
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