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Today I feel insecure. My Ego has this idea of what my body should look like, and today I sit with it, and persist in replacing this insecurity with confidence. I'm not Ego, I'm not my body. Though, this body is my temporary home. . . I am entirely unique and individual. Every curve or non curve is what makes up me. Cici. So, I drop all thoughts of not being good enough, heal these past thought patterns, and move forward in compassion and love for myself, one step at a time. . . My body deserves love. I deserve love. I am beautiful.
I’ve been in that distresssed place of wanting to know my purpose! I spent most of my time looking for it in places outside of myself! I thought if I found the perfect job for me it would solve all my didn’t and never did find that job! I thought if I could just have a little more of this and a little more of that everything would get better....(probably because society litterally leads us to believe this)The problem wasn’t that I wasn’t trying hard enough or that I didn’t want it bad enough because believe me I DID! The problem was that the answers to my problems were never outside of me at all they have and always will be inside of me. I started to really take a good look at who I am? I would litterally look myself in the mirror and ask myself that question over and over again. I began to remember my childhood and how everything at that time seemed so simple! Slowly I started to realize how hard I was being on myself! I started too hear my internal dialogue and how harsh I could be on myself. Looking in the mirror today I see truely who I am! It’s way more than what just meets the eye. I see a soul inside me that is happiest when laughing, dancing, LOVING. I realize my thoughts create my reality the way I treat myself actually effects everything in the external world! So then I ask myself...who am I ? My answer to that now is LOVE! What is my purpose? To Love and receive love because I am worthy and so are YOU! #lovingawareness
Hope is feeling that no matter what you do everything is possible. Hope will give you a positive feeling consequently a positive attitude. TAG a loved one who needs to read it today!
Daily declaration, speak this to yourself every day twice a day. Speak it til you believe it and know it, it is your Birthright to live in Victory to be victorious, no matter your family history your real DNA is winner. Believe it stand on it, go out and live your best life. #winners #womenempoweringwomen #womenhelpingwomen #teenmoms #teenmomsupport #Singlemom #sistertosister #divorcemoms #divorcee #workingmoms #youngpeople #victory #hearttohearts #hopetoheal #lifelesson #wisdom #lifecoach #kimberlydkimbrough #lovethyself #yougotthis
[2] JAKE + ANDI’S STORY: • If you read my last post, you know I fell into an impromptu coaching session at the bar last night that culminated in a reunion between Jake and Andi. 🧚🏻‍♂️ • Jake met Andi 7 months ago. He fell easily… which was not easy at all on him. It was hard. It was hard to imagine himself in any position to love Andi in the way that she deserved. • He placed a lot of importance on this word. Deserve. What a woman deserves. When I asked him who’s standard it was to treat Andi above and beyond, he said it was his. It was unspoken really. Nothing that she was aware of or even requesting. • So, was she receptive to it? Did she appreciate you? • Jake told me he never gave her the chance to. I didn’t treat her well, at all, he said. One day I was in it. Totally on board. And the next day, I was gone. • In dating terms, he ghosted her. • It was just too much pressure, he told me. But…? You said she never pressured you. She never asked you to knock it out of the park. • That’s true, he said. I guess it’s just the pressure men put on themselves. Are women even aware of that? • Ahhh… I said. Probably not aware of it enough. • Can you help them with that? He laughed. • I asked Jake why he put all this pressure on himself to treat a woman in a certain way. Basically, why doesn’t it just come naturally for you? He sounded genuine. 💯 But, it was glaringly obvious that he resisted expressing himself with sincerity within a relationship. In a way, when he spoke about how he should be and act and love, it kind of sounded like a caricature, like a Godlike persona he had never once embodied. • When I asked him about this, he wasn’t defensive. He said that makes sense. Because he’s never been around a successful relationship before, he’s never been that confident with how it’s supposed to play out or what it’s even supposed to look like. • On the surface, Jake sounded like he wanted to be for women what he’d never seen a man be for her before. It sounded altruistic, admirable, but a little bit like BS. • ** Running out of space again! 😖 So, in the next post, I’ll explain why it sounds like BS, and fill you in on the a’ha moment and turning point. • #pushon
There are going to be very painful moments in your life that will change your entire world in a matter of minutes. These moments will change you. Let them make you stronger, smarter, & kinder. But don’t you go & become someone that you’re not.... I unfortunately learned this the Hard way & have fought very hard to find “G” again. Everyday is a battle! #forgiveness #lovethyself #mindfulness #bekindtoyourself #forgiveyourself #forgiveandforget #riseyourvibration #selfhealing 💪🏼❤️☯️♓️☮️🕉💆🏽‍♀️