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1k! 1k? Wait, what?! 1 thousand people support me. One thousand people enjoy my videos. One thousand people clicked a blue button that said “follow” this is absolutely crazy. I would’ve never dreamt I would get 100 followers and now I’m almost 1000 past that! I want each and every single person reading this to know how much I appreciate you. When I check my account and see a nice comment, a new follower, a like, I get so happy. Thank you guys for keeping me motivated, ily❤️ #gymnastics #1k #loveyou #tumbling #airtrack
Photo prise en cachette pendant qu'il avant qu'il me fasse son fameux doigt d'honneur. ☻ . @lcs.autogoodz
Be obsessed with your thoughts, for they create your reality 🙏🏼 This use to sound crazy to me till I listened to @louise_hay_affirmations ‘the power of your spoken word’ which had me listening to the way I spoke to myself and how I thought! (I was horrified, I was my own worse enemy). There will always be breakdowns before there are breakthroughs —- that’s how we strip away that which is holding us back. It doesn’t always feel nice, but that’s the true nature of internal growth and healing. A little tip, own all that comes up, the good, the bad and the ugly, and be gentle with yourself —- each has a valuable lesson to learn from. Choose to learn the lessons as they come up, sometimes the greatest reward comes for the toughest lessons. ... and with that which does not align with love, with your vision, surrender, let it go, overcome it, forgive and you will always create space to elevate, expand and grow. The power of positive thinking will change the world 🌎 Your thoughts create your reality 🙏🏼 #powerofpositivity #thoughtsbecomethings #lawofattraction #thesecret #manifest #loveyou #inspire #inspiration #mindfulness #scienceofmind #influencer #internalwork #innerpeace #innerthoughts #womenempowerment #womensupportwomen #breatimplantillness #explantsurgery @olympialepoint I am in awe of your mind too! I watched your interview of ‘impact theory’ your vision is beautiful 💖 📸 @lovelauragii
foto atualizada com sucesso ✔️ miga, melhor amiga, pessoa que de repente já é idosa rs, eu já falei que te amo em todos os aniversários e datas comemorativas (também em dias aleatórios pq sim) e já fiz discursos e textões pra demonstrar tudo isso. Vou repetir pra vc não esquecer: obrigada por ser tanto pra mim! Te desejo apenas o bem, que nada tire sua paz, que o amor preencha cada espacinho da sua vida! Te amo dum jeito que nem sei, fia! Feliz aniversário 💙✨ #happybday