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got pretty serious with my quesadilla fillings last night bc #vegetables lol.. just browned two tortillas, took one and put it in a pan, added sautéed zucchini in olive oil with s&p in it, topped with spinach, and a mix of Colby and Monterey Jack cheese.. then topped with the other browned tortilla and cooked for a few min until melted. so quick and so 😛😛😛
They say you learn something new every day. Today, I learned a lot, but one thing that stood out is that it is really hard to take an aesthetically pleasing picture of soup🍲🤨This semester, my routine has been: Internship all day, go to the gym, come home ravenously hungry wanting to eat everything in sight. I was never a big “soup” person, but this winter soup has been my meal prepping STAPLE!! This minestrone was insanely easy to make, and the recipe made so much that I have been able to come home, heat it up and be satisfied for dayz. What are your meal prepping hacks? My tips are coming to the blahg soon!! • Minestrone: 2 cups chicken broth 2 cans stewed tomatoes 1 can kidney beans 1 can of bean of choice (I chose great northern) All the veggies of your choice OR 1 bag frozen veggies (I chose frozen mixed veggies because I was testing this recipe for my internship) Dash of pepper (Bring to a boil then add 1-2 cups pasta of your choice and simmer until pasta is tender.) Add avo 🥑if you’re as obsessed as me and need to get your healthy fats in 👐🏾 YOU’RE WELCOME • #inspirewellfit #health #fitness #inspiration #easyrecipes #mealprep #rd2b #fitfam #foodie #foodporn #inmybowl #thekitchn #buzzfeast #dieteticintern #goodeats #soup #foodblogfeed #foodisfuel #loveyourhunger #gains #fitfam #foodspo #igfit #igfood #nutrition #runner #runnerfuel #marathontraining
finally sharing these cheeeewwwwwy vegan choco chip cookies !! i made these a bit of a while back and they were 😍 •• Ingredients 1c softened vegan butter (equiv to 8oz or 2 sticks) - i used earth balance 1c coconut sugar 1/4c non-dairy milk of choice (i use cashew milk usually but almond or soy, etc are also fine!) 1 tsp vanilla extract 2.25c flour (i used a GF flour) 1/2 tsp salt (if not using a salty butter like earth balance) 1 tsp baking soda 1 bag of @enjoylifefoods choco chips Directions Preheat oven to 350F Get a large mixing bowl and cream the softened butter and sugar w an electronic hand mixer.. do this until it's light and fluffy. Then add the non dairy milk and vanilla and mix well, scraping the bowl and mixing for a few more sec. add whatever flour you're using, salt if using, and baking soda.. mix this until a dough has formed and the flour is mixed thru. Get a spatula/wooden spoon and scrape the bowl to make sure all the flour is mixed thru. Stir in the bag of choco chips.. and scoop dough onto a baking sheet lined with parchment paper using a tablespoon. Flatten them slightly and bake for about 8-10 min until edges begin turning golden brown. Remove parchment paper from baking sheet and transfer to wire rack when it's done to cool, and once cooled remove from the parchment paper and enjoy 😊 glass of cashew milk recommended for dipping :')
changed up the usual oatmeal for some bananananana pancakes 😍 made with eggs, banana, flour, baking powder, vanilla, cashew milk, earth balance, coconut sugar, and coconut oil. then topped w strawberries, more banana, walnuts, and pure maple syrup ☺️ #pancakes
Satur-YAY!? I am kind of weird and actually hate sleeping in... So when I woke up early today, I eagerly crushed a workout, went to a cycling class and made some of the best eggs ever. Layered over toast, avo 🥑 and flavored with @primalpalate meat and potatoes seasoning. 16/10 recommend. These seasonings add life to anything! I’m spending the day watching basketball, doing some review and probably cooking more gluten-free cookies because #health and #balance☺️🍪 Have a happy Saturday loves!! • #inspirewellfit #wellness #fitness #inspiration #rd2b #dieteticintern #foodie #foodporn #goodeats #easyrecipes #foodblogfeed #foodisfuel #eggs #avocadotoast #loveyourhunger #brunch #breakfastlover #gains #fitfam igfitness #foodspo #igfit #nutrition #thekitchn #inthekitchen #runner #runningfuel #marathontraining
Hey gluten-free (and gluten-loving) friends, remember the cookies I alluded to last week? Well, check it out! I got to test a gluten-free chocolate chip cookie recipe using SORGHUM flour! Sorghum is a nutritious and pleasing “super grain,” which makes its flour a great gluten-free baking option. This is thanks to its “mild flavor that won’t compete with delicate flavors of other ingredients.” (Also the sorghum flour we used contained a blend of potato starch, tapioca starch and xanthan gum so it was like a magical all-in-one ingredient that helped with the texture and flavor of a gluten-free cookie. Highly recommend trying it out if you’re searching for a gluten-free option.) 🍪🍪🍪The recipe has been posted on the UNL website. You can find the recipe and a reflection of my time so far at Extension on the blog! As the article says, the cookies were delish!! Give it a look☺️Link in my bio🔗 • #inspirewellfit #health #fitness #wellness #inspiration #rd2b #dieteticintern #foodie #foodporn #cookies #glutenfree #goodeats #easyrecipes #foodblogfeed #foodisfuel #loveyourhunger #nutrition #igfit #fitfam #igfood #thekitchn #nutritioneducation #unlextension #igcookies #chocolatechipcookies #reflections #inthekitchen
Obsessed with these peanut butter cup protein balls 😍 [Recipe in bio 👆🏻]
mashed purple sweet potato with strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, goji berries, golden raisins, pumpkin seeds, almonds, cacao nibs, and hemp seeds!! so much goodness 😌
Breakfast of champions... Or maybe just really hungry breastfeeding moms😜 . . . Tofu "scrambled eggs" with an onion and mushroom hash, topped with avocado and sauerkraut.
oh sweet mother of goodness, nourish my poorly body! 😷🤒😟 Realise it's like 1pm but i'm sick okayyyy, cut me some slack #nourish #breakfastofchampions
has anyone else ever looked at an everyday word for too long and all of a sudden it starts to seem.. wrong? I was over here staring at the word desk and began questioning its existence 🙄 or popsicle. popsicle, popsicle, popsicle.... weird 🤦🏻‍♀️ anyways today is my Friday so I'm on cloud 9!! just had this perfect bowl of oats and am counting down the minutes until 6pm 😅lots of love, cuties!
Green Smoothie recipe: 1 banana 1 kiwi 5-6 frozen strawberries 1/3 avocado 1-2 cups of spinach Water until it blends smooth Disclaimer: this is a snack smoothie. If I was eating this for a meal I'd AT LEAST double it. #loveyourhunger . . . Here are some super cool facts about kiwi that I didn't know: 1. More vitamin C than an orange 2. The seeds have antifungal and antibacterial properties 3. Super great for eye and respiratory health 4. Builds and maintains bones . . . #eattherainbow #eatmoreplants #gogreenorgohome #zerowaste #reducewaste #vegan #veganism #veganfortheplanet #veganfoodshare #loveyourbody #crunchymom #crunchymoms #smoothie #plantbased #wfpb #carbs #starchsolution #greensmoothie #kiwi
Some baked oatmeal goodness from a little while back 🍃 A mix of oatmeal, granola, flax egg, cashew milk, coconut oil, blueberries, banana, maple syrup, and baking powder :) like a warmmm blueberry muffin i cannot 😍
Order up! If I can eat burgers, anyone can. [Link in bio 👆🏻].
Happy Sunday amigos y amigas!! 🎉I have been seeing a lot of messages about cleanses, detoxes and resolutions across the social media’s and advertisements this week. While I think the idea behind setting goals and having New Year intentions is GREAT, I just personally don’t see the need to r e s o l v e anything about your physical body. Believe it or not, you have the freedom to start going to a gym, incorporating some new, healthy foods into your week or doing something for yourself ANY time of the year! If you are an able-bodied person with generally good health, there is no reason to restrict certain foods or feel guilt/shame about your physical appearance and a need to change that. Listen to your body, and over time, your INTUITION will guide you to where YOU need to be. New post on the blog with more of my thoughts on this topic and why I say “break up with the diet mentality” in 2018. Link🔗 is in the bio!! P.S. if you are a fellow blogger, please subscribe to my site so I can add more like-minded homies to my blogspace☺️🙏🏽Enjoy the rest of your weekends💕 • #inspirewellfit #health #wellness #inspiration #ditchthediet #bodypositivity #igfitness #bbg #fitfam #foodporn #rd2b #dieteticintern #wellnesswithoutobsession #effyourbeautystandards #intuitiveeating #loveyourhunger #foodisfuel #foodforthought #loveyourself #intentions #screwdiets #healthylifestyle #igrunners #dietcultureneedstodie #donuts