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Our Unique Malachite Collection Contessa Italy - каждое изделие Малохитовой коллекции - Уникально! Выполняется полностью в ручную самым профессиональным мастером , украшено натуральным Малахитом и декоративными элементами из полудрагоценных камней, имеет свой серийный номер сертификат ! Коллекция абсолютно эксклюзивна и не имеет аналогов в Мире ✨🗽 #luxuryhomes #италия #contessaitaly #malachite #мебельизмалахита #luxurybrand #озерокомо #luxurydesign #luxurylifestyle #comolake
A little peek into our drive yesterday.
The main growth engine of the luxury market is a generational shift, with 85% of luxury growth in 2017 fueled by Generations Y and Z. However the luxury industry is not immune to the "millenialization" going on in todays economy. Millenials are significantly affecting the luxury industry and changing the purchasing habits of all generations. This shift in purchasing behaviour is forcing many luxury brands to reinvent themselves. mindset is pushing luxury brands to redefine what they deliver to customers, and how they deliver it. For example many luxury brands are reinterpreting streetwear to appeal to younger consumers. T-shirts, down jackets and sneakers were among the standout categories in 2017, growing by 25%, 15% and 10%, respectively. #luxury #lux #luxurymarketing #millennials #luxurybrand #highnetworthindividuals #highnetworth #industryleaders #AlphaSkies