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Hey, you, yes, YOU! 👋 Have you checked out the fresh new look Cutting Edge is getting!! I don’t think I’ve been as excited for anything else in my business, as I am for this! The brand new site launches 01.01.18!! So, mark your calendars, babes! 📌 ⠀ In the meantime, I promised to give you some hints about what’s coming as soon as the micro-blog series is over, so here’s your first hint! (Guesses welcome! 😉)⠀ ⠀ ** You’re gonna want to find me on FB ( @cuttingedgefinancialsolutins) ‘cause there will be Facebook Lives happening with various experts and you’ll be able to take advantage of some q&a time! ** Have some burning questions about social media, for instance, no need to pay a dime, girl! Join the live and ask right on there! 🙋‍♀️ ⠀ Alright, alright, that's good for now. More details and hints to come very soon!
I approve of this #bestnine grid ✔️. It's got my very first sketch of the "impeach" peach, and a pic of me wearing one of my original pins at the DC airport just after I touched down for the Women's March. • It's got a smattering of some of my weirder posts ("Geese Goose" and "shapessssssss") plus some sexytime in the form of Aggresively Romantic Shark. • Add in some political commentary, a festive tiny-armed T-Rex, and an avocado wearing a #pussyhat and I'd say it encapsulates my year pretty well.💯 • . #bestnine2017 #yearinreview #impeachtrump #dinosaur #illustratorsofIG #geesegoose #artisticcommunity #sharethelove #risingtidesociety #supportotherartists #artistsilove #artistlife #creativelifehappylife #communityovercompetition #makersgonnamake #artistsofinstagram #makersmovement #sharethelove #creativeuprising #illustratorsofig #doitfortheprocess #artinspiration #insanelyinspiredinstagram #hellolemonzesty
This has been the most crazy Monday on record for a looooooong time! Real life here - we spent the first half of the day at a doctor's appointment, and then I spent this entire afternoon packing up over a dozen monsters headed everywhere from Hawaii to the United Kingdom, so I could make it to the post office in time before the last truck of the day leaves, all while cuddling a baby and listening to my tween talk about the new Destiny DLC. And I haven't even started on today's to-do list of inventory prep for my maker market this Saturday. 😬 I'm about to make some cocoa, turn on some jams & get to work while my little one plays at my feet & my big one talks to his friends on his xbox. I'm so so so grateful to be able to work from home with my sweeties. 💛💜💙❤💚 Thank all of you for making this little monster making, stay at home mama dream of mine possible!
WOW!! Despite the downpour of freezing rain, my solo exhibition at the @barrierislandscenter was a sell out in 3 hours! Thank you to all of those who attended, and who supported me and my work! 23 pieces were adopted and found new homes. I would like to give a special thanks to the women who are directors of the Barrier Islands Center- Laura, Monika and Sally- for all of their hard work that went into making the event a spectacular showing! I HIGHLY encourage you all to check out the museum anytime you are on Virginia's Eastern Shore. Become a member to support the valuable history and culture... and also grab a ticket to the huge oyster roast in Feb. before they sell out!!
😍😍😍 this hook by @moonfire_crafted!! Gives me lots of groovy vibes!! Thank you!!
all of these ready made hoops (and 1 Keith haring patch!) are still available on my etsy. If you're in the UK they'll arrive in time for christmas 🎄 link to buy in bio!
It’s snowing in Cleveland!!! ❄️⛄️ like the big pretty flake kind! Aka listening to Christmas music on repeat all day. What’s your fav Christmas song to jam to?