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within the ocean’s waves 🌊✨ - This is one of my favorite looks so far and I hope you guys enjoy it! 💙 - In the video I had a short clip of myself fixing my dry concealer. Basically, if your concealer is dry and almost empty, put a couple drops of contact solution or eyedrops, then shake it, and then use it normally. It works every time for me and it has the same appearance and consistency!! And due to Instagram not letting me tag my products’ brands’ pages, I can’t give a product break down. However, if you are interested in any products, check out my other posts because I’m cheap and I always use the same products to create different looks. Anyways. Sorry about it. But I hope you enjoy the look! 💕 - tags : - #makeuptransformation #makeuplife #makeuponpoint #makeuptutorial #glamour #glam
We couldn’t agree more! 🙋🏼‍♀️