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“Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age & dreams are forever.” Happy birthday you incredible human being. Love you 💕 #mamabear #disney #crazypandalady
I think someone likes to play music! #littlemusician ​20 more days to go for the fundraiser! Hoping for the best! 🤞Please continue to keep us in your prayers and donate and share my fundraiser page! We can't move forward with the MCFD or having Damian returned to my loving arms without a family lawyer. Our next court date is March 1st. It's looking like we'll have to adjourn again (which may or may not be allowed as it depends on the judge). I hope we can get a lawyer soon so that we can move towards Damian living with me at my parents' house. In order to get said lawyer I need more money in order to pay for a lawyers' work. I hate asking for money like this but if you can find it in your heart to help Damian and I, I would be ever so grateful to have my baby back. #AnastasiaDamianReunited #bringmybabyback #littleone #babyboy #babybear #mamabear
Nothing better than days out with my little man ☀️
Tried many types of lotion/body wash but still getting red, dry cheeks on your little one? Probably it’s the cotton or microfiber towel that you’re using, which is too rough on your baby’s soft and delicate skin. Check out KeaBabies Hooded Towel. 👍👆👆 Link in bio. #keababies . Why is @babieskea KeaBabies Hooded Towel a must have? ✔️ 100% Organic Bamboo ✔️ 500 GSM Luxury Thickness ✔️ 2X More Absorbent Than Cotton ✔️ 3X Faster Absorption ✔️ Hypoallergenic ✔️ Made For Baby’s Delicate Skin ✔️ Cute & Cuddly ✔️ Improves Baby’s Skin Conditions ✔️ Best Suited For Dry Skin, Eczema, Saliva Rash, Sensitive Skin
We looooove Saturday’s because @cjerpi is home and we just get to “be”. This morning we embraced the rain, but we’re dancing because the sun’s out!
Saturday 🍕☕️✌🏻 Day 6 of @thebalancedlife Mind, Body, Pilates ✅ I woke up really early this morning with intentions of getting the challenge over with for the day. But then I saw that the mindfulness exercise for the day was to get more sleep. So I sent my ass back to bed & did the challenge later in the day 🙌🏻 Alone time is something I really value & I will often prioritize it above sleep. I’ll get up with Matt at 3:30AM & stay awake after he leaves so I can have some time to myself to enjoy some coffee & some gentle Pilates or yoga before the boys wake. I need that “me” time to recharge. But I also need more than 4-6hrs of sleep to be the best mama I can be for these boys who are still very reliant on me. One of my resolutions this year was to choose sleep more often. I’ve been forcing myself to go back to sleep a few times a week & it has truly helped my headspace & productivity. Today’s challenge was a good reminder to continue making sleep a priority in my life. . . . #tblmindbodypilates #pilates #dowhatfeelsgood #joyfulmovement #getmoresleep #bodypositivefitness #pizzaislife #coffeeislife #myfavoritethings #momlife #mamabear
Happy surprise birthday Tracy!!! We all love you soooo much!! ❤️❤️❤️ #mamabear
Today’s the day!!!! Painting the floor with some KILZ because carpet is oh so gross then laying floors all day tomorrow! This kid is STRONG! (He also wanted to show the world his 8 pack) 1300 pounds of wood loaded in with just Liam and myself 💪🏻 I love that every inch of our home we have done ourself. Talk about blood, sweat and tears! I have learned so much construction wise I’m pretty sure by next year I could build a house! Stay tuned in the stories for tips and tricks over the next few days of DIY flooring❤️❤️❤️