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SWEET & SOUR CHICKEN! . . This has definitely become one of our signature dishes so we hope all the new customers this week enjoy it as much as our regulars! . . My entire family love this and fight for any leftovers! Luckily there was enough for us all! . . We are taking orders for next week but please do message us ASAP. As always we get booked up pretty quickly and hate turning customers away! . . Our menu for next week is pretty banging too! . . Our meals are not only healthy and nutritious, but also convenient for those with a hectic busy life! . . Shift workers/working families/single mums and dads following meal/diet plans (obviously we don’t name certain diets but our customers have been gaining the results they want)/gym bunnies & of course those that just don’t want to cook! . . So if your fed up of your ‘diet food’ or buying take aways for convenience and feel.... let’s say it ‘absolutely shite’ and disappointed and spending a fortune on food that does not get eaten.... then maybe @mothercooperfood is for you! . . . # #mealprepservice #healthytakeaway #fakeaway #mealprep #sweetandsourchicken #lessthan600calories #600kcal #mealplan #fuelfood #foodforfuel #healthymealprep #mealprep #familymealprep #cookedfromscratch #healthyanddelicious #ordernow #convenientandhealthy #manchester
Another congratulations bag, this time for one of Manchester’s teachers @fayeowen_ Congratulations on your graduation!
T O D A Y ⚓☯️
Started university at the age of 19 in Syndey and studied part time while I rode my bike. Dropped out at 21 to follow my dream. It didn’t work out. Started up again in Manchester 3 years ago. Now I am done and dusted at the age of 29. Today is a proud day! Couldn’t of done it without @melinda.ann.lang by my side. #proud #manchester