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Foot massage "SILK ROAD" - the process of healinf the organism at different levels 💠 Массаж стоп "Шелковый путь" - процесс оздоровления организма на разных уровнях According to Chinese medicine, the feet are a reflection of the whole human body. There are many nerve endings on the sole of foots. The individual regions of the sole of foots are associated with specific internal organs. Understanding the links and with adapted pressure on specific points it is possible to guide the actions of the organism. Foot massage will increase vitality, improve sleep, balance mood, and support overall well-being. . 💠 Согласно китайской медицине, стопы являются отражением всего тела человека. Именно на них сосредоточено множество нервных окончаний, связанных со всеми внутренними органами. Зная, где находятся определенные точки, и, оказывая на них давление, можно в лучшую сторону скорректировать работу организма. Замечено, что массаж стоп способствует увеличению жизненных сил, улучшает сон, настроение, общее самочувствие. . ➡ What sensations can arise with a massage of feet? In general, the procedure is very pleasant. But if there are problems in any system of the organism, there may be a piercing pain at the linked point on the sole of feet. These are the so-called "pain points", and each person has individual pain points. Special attention is focused on those. In different parts of the foot, the sensitivity varies. Healing is signaled when the feets become less sensitive to touch. This will happen after a few procedures. In any case, after the first massage, there is a lightness and relaxation in the feet and in the entire body . ✔Cost: 45 - 60 Fr (30-40 min) ✔For making or changing appointments in Switzerland / Germany / France send me a messages or do it on 📲 Humber/ Viber/WhatsApp: +41 78 667 09 67 . #massage_alsuschool #massage #massageswitzerland #footmassage #mywork #health #healthylife #massagebasel #massagezürich #relaxtime #relax #masterreiki #terapia #massagetherapist #massagetherapy #massages #timeforrelax #lovemywork #switzerland #orientalpractices #massageeurope
Testimonial from former Phoenix Coyote, Dave Moss. “I have been going to see Ashley at Tocca Masage and Yoga for 5 years. As a professional hockey player she has treated numerous injuries, from ruptured disks to the every day aches and pains. I have always left our sessions feeling refreshed and ready for my next workout or game. I truly believe that practicing Yoga and getting weekly treatments with Ashley extended my hockey career. I would highly recommend Ashley to anyone, especially athletes who are looking for an extra edge and who want to extend their career. She is extremely knowledgable and an even better person!” Dave @djmoss18 and his wife Erinn @erinn_moss will be opening Michigan’s first @thedrybar this summer! #arizonacoyotes #professionalathlete #pheonixcoyotes #professionalhockeyplayer #injuryrehabilitation #bodymaintenance #toccamassageandyoga #massagebrightonmi #massagetherapy # #drybarmichigan #michiganbusinessowners
I’ve seen a lot of awesome questions in the Cash PT Nation lately, I answered some of them live in this episode of the CashPT Lunch Hour. Link in bio ⬆️
Dancer/Aerialist for Celebrity Cruise, Josep Torne @joseptorne Is an amazingly talented strong dancer and aerialist performer all the way from Barcelona, Spain. This is Josep's second rehearsals at the studios. He keeps a disciplined workout and conditioning routine to stay on his A game, and receives weekly 💆‍♂️Sports Massages💆‍♂️ to aid in recovery and injury prevention. Gracias mi amigo, por tu apoyo y recomendación para otros artistas que vienen a ensayar a los #royalcaribbeanproductionstudios en Miami #sportsmassage #dancer #aerialist #injuryprevention #massagetherapy #therapist #miami #dancesportsmedicine #danceinjury
Good morning early risers or ‘sorta’ early risers for a Saturday morning! As i sit here and drink my coffee this morning i ponder the question of “where as a society are we going, where as an individual are you going , and what are we as a collective piece of society heading towards?’ This life is so full of bendy roads as i call them, Its like when you chose to go one direction and then months later you find yourself in a completely different place than you ever wanted to be.  Do you ever stop and ask yourself the question;  how did i get here, what turn did i make in my life way back there to get me here ? My challenge for the day is to Meditate, Listen and Be Quite. Wait patiently and you just might hear the quiet whispers of your soul speaking to you. . . . . . . . . . . #massage #lilburn #healing #massagetherapy #liveyou #healyou #massagetoday #Nava #navamassage #sportsmassage #deeptissue #deeptissuemassage #deepmassage #massagelife #life #beautiful #healing #lovelife #free #spirts #hipi #healers #girls #yoga #happy #flexible #nsf #sportsmassagetherapist #stretching