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’-Tudoooor!!! - -What now Miss Wilma? - -Look, a duck!!!🦆 - -So what?🙄Besides, it’s a mallard, not a duck! - Please come and help me chase it away! - Sorry, no can do! He has the same right to be here as you and me, so leave him (and me) alone!😏🦆❤️’ ——————————- Perfect! Please follow me: - @Mastiffoscar Via: - @tudor_the_gentle_giant
Good morning guys. We’ve got sunshine today. I’m just gonna lay here with Moms flowers. Who else wants this? ✔ Please follow me: - @Mastiffanjali Via: - @tinkerbells_mommy
Happy Saturday, fur friends! Hope you have lots of treats, snuggles, and walkies this weekend! Great! 😀 Please follow me: - @Mastiffelizabeth Via: - @captainbrutus Via @mastiffelizabeth 💗 Comment below if You like this💖 🌹 Love to tag? Please do!⤵ 💛 #englishmastiffproblems #englishmastifflovers #mastiffofig #mastifflove #mastiffmania #englishmastiffsofig #mastiffmix #englishmastiffpuppies #dogsarefamily #mastifflover #mastifflife #dogismycopilot #mastiffingles #doggielove #mastiffworld #mydogsaremykids #mastiffpuppies #mastiffpups #beowulfmastiff #mastiffoninstagram
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to my first Pride Weekend 👬🏳️‍🌈👭Looking forward to rockin’ the rainbow colors this year at Twin Cities Pride later this month! 🐸🦄❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🌈 Cool photo! Please follow me: - @Mastiffemily Via: - @wicked_hippo
🐶: "WHEN I AM REALLY TIRED, I CAN SLEEP ANYWAY/ANYWHERE I LIKE. JUST Like that!” ☝🏻☝🏻😅♥️😝🐶 . . Awesome pic! 😀 Please follow me: - @Mastiffelizabeth Via: - @maskamastiff
For all of you that think that any particular Kennel Club has so much influence in any breed specially the AKC. There are parent clubs for every breed and they choose what the correct breed standard should be and it is then adopted by the kennel club of each country. The United States is but a small piece of the Neapolitan Mastiff breed or influence on it. All the standards in every country are a slight deviation of the original standard which resides in Italy and the FCI. Please educate yourselves before you come on a page and want to talk about a breed you know nothing about. Wow! Please follow me: - @Mastiffanthony Via: - @neapolitanmastiffsworldwide
Ellie is an 8-year-old, 65-pound Great Pyrenees who was badly injured when attacked by coyotes. She is mended, although her face will always show the damage. Ellie is looking for a home. She is very quiet and shy but she loves her people once she knows them. She is good with dogs, cats and people past the squealing years. She absolutely needs a fenced yard and an air conditioning vent to lay on. Tile floors are a bonus for her as she adores a good tile floor. This dog can go anywhere we do. She is in Nashville in foster and her foster is having heart surgery soon, so I would love to get her set. Interested adopters should email nicole Excellent! Please follow me: - @Mastiffjoel Via: - @bigfluffydogrescue
Good night! Mambo de la Playa - 15months old, 🐩🐕🥩🐺🥓🍖🇺🇸 🇦🇷 not a , , , , Awesome pic! 😀 Please follow me: - @Mastiffhayden Via: - @dogoofhuntingtonbeach
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