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“ you have to make hard decision, otherwise you will miss your destiny” Joel Osteen.. ( in other words, if you choose to be friend with dishonest person, you will miss honest person. If you do simple task, you will miss your mission. If you choose spend more time with your too negative relatives, you will miss what really have to do. So, with your decision you will pass your real destiny). I am not going to change my religion...but this guy has very interesting personality. Intelligent, kind( spiritual), modern and cool speaker. Thousands of people listening him. His story and words are not just a piece of bible( word of God) or just a story..they are alive !!! I heard one of his praying sounds like this ..” oh God give me such happiness, joy of life and piece of mind that I have never remembered this (or those) struggles, difficulties again”. I think kyrgyz wish or pray words such as “ omurun uzun bolsun”, den soolukta bol”, “baktiluu bol” are so boring latest time. We should update our wish (pray) . #spiritualpsychology #positivepsychology #bekzadamuratbekova #chicago #kyrgyzstan #france #joelosteen #speaker #foodforsoul #god #prophets #quotes #mb #usa #knowledge