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#mcm My love, my best friend, and co conspirator in weirdo mischief. @bearded_wierd You are the bestest!
It’s Monday right #MCM
‪How’s your #MCM starting his Monday? With just texts ? 😧‬ ‪See what someone’s is starting his Monday with! 😩❤️‬ ‪.‬ ‪Pillow and mugs by us as usual ‬ ‪WhatsApp: 07066259964 . #affordableluxury #pillow #mugs
I need my baby to know no matter what mommy never gonna give up on him, I’m gonna hold ya hand as long as I can to guide you through this heartless world son. Just know me an ya big brothers got ya back baby boy. As long as I’m breathing mommy got this. #McM you damn near died coming into this world so I’m gonna bust my ass to seek that you have it all. Kaseem Amir Walke 💙
My #mcm my whole love bug
#mcm because the past two and a half years have been such a struggle after my accident and being chronically sick. I could have never made it this far on my own if it wasn’t without you. No one really knows the struggles that people battle behind closed doors. My pain never goes away but you always make it better, even the little things you do, EVERY single day; like, go to the store to get your BCAAs and see a pink superwoman shaker cup and deliver it to my place while I’m at school because I’m “your superwoman,” make everything better! I never knew a man like this could exist and we could be so happy together, a relationship were we let each other be themselves and we don’t have to worry about a damn thing because life is so precious and life is too short. I love you #mcm #xxxxani #racecarcouple #thatrumblecouple #thatfitcouple #thatmusclecouple #thattattedcouple #lol
#MCM Ayisale iphela le_Leave ngeke phela😀😀 I thank God for everything.......... He is worth to be Praised🙌🙌
Let me use this moment to crush on myself, they say a picture = 1000 words. *inserts 1000 words* 😊. Appreciate yourself whenever you can. Your favorite #mcm 🔥😍