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Esses são alguns dos alimentos com alto poder de ajudar no emagrecimento.😉..porem não devemos deixar de avaliar a quantidade ingerida como também não endeusar esses alimentos como milagrosos!🙄 Vejam existem pessoas que não podem☹ consumir esses alimentos como os diabéticos e pessoas com ansiedade e insônia! Percebem que a nutrição é para todos mas nem tudo convém? 😊😍🤗🍒🍓🍐🥑🍆🍠 #nutricao #dieta #emagrecimento #meditation #instafit #instanutri #vidasaudável #nutritional #yogalife
不思議と全てが点に見える朝。昔から点描画が好きで、でも水彩画を描いたあるとき。世界の全てが点である事に気付いた幼き日。この木の記憶を紙に表現しようとすると、きっと、一枚の葉が点になるに違いない。私たちは、いつも点々を結んで、記憶を整理している。だから、世界は一人ひとりで違うもの。 #growupmessage #spiritual #yinyang #meditation #messagetherapist #growupcosmetics #prayfortheworld #おはよう新月の朝
Saturday hike among petroglyphs
& watch how your world begins to shift...
SJV 3 - Land of confusion This land was like none other. Because of the dry heat, the free flow of air on the steep grass and strange trees, one could think for a second that this were some secluded, untamed part of Central Africa. It was not! The strange twist in the colors of things gave it away. The noon sky was too purple to be blue, the tree leafs too blue to be green, and the burning sun way to white to be yellow. But it wasn't just the colors, the air seem lighter, the smells more pronounced, and the touch... exquisite. Every textures felt ten times more vibrant than what Kenia was accustom to, as if even the soil had a story to tell. And it sure did. Right in front of Kenia's bewildered eyes still shone the beast. The strangest she had ever seen in her life time. It looked like a giant lion made of light, built on the body of a bulky horse with long red flaming hair. Passion was burning in its eyes, as it stood there, majestic, defiant and... confident? Yes, that's what was so scary about it. It was full of acuteness, full of desires and unnatural intent. All of these traits that make humans more beast than beast. Kenia wanted to run, but she couldn't move; scream but she had no voice. As the mysterious beast got closer and closer, her heart started racing to it's demise. Pounding harder and harder until, magically, the beast was no more. Only a strange looking boy was left in it's haze, looking at her with the largest of smiles. Enter UNPRECEDENTED MEETING PART 1 #sanjovers #fantasy #instafantasy #stories #inspirational #inspiration #meditate #meditation #art #artist #writersofinstagram #writer #fiction #entertainment #comics #adventure #mystery #creativity #mustread
Big bones... Juicy 💦
Chiggity check yourself! Practice radical self responsibility! Before cutting people off it's important to check yourself first. Discern whether you are judging, avoiding, running away from and / or not fully owning the aspects of yourself that they represent. When we take full responsibility for something and properly apply mirror theory. Rather than passing the buck or spiritually or mentally bypassing. We are empowered. Tag someone who needs to see this and click the link in my bio for more.. #LETSFLOWFAM