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Always havin’ a fire workout with my main squeeze 🙌🏻 also a fun lil’ hack if you wanna add some weight to your pull ups HAHA- christmas is around the corner so go build urself a nice tree aiiiiIIGHT . . FULL UPPER BOD DAY: Bench 6x6  Incline DB press 4x6 Weighted pull ups 4x6-8 Neutral grip plated rows 4x10 Lat pull downs: 2x10 (heavy) 3x10 (lighter) -> super set with standing pull down ish thing idk how to explain look at the vid and feel your upper back/delts, 10 reps  Neutral grip pull down 4x10 Single hand pull ins 4x15 Machine high rows 3x10 control that booboo Finish with rope pull downs 3x14 . . . Have a grand day xoxoxoxoxo
A few shots from @seanmackiee in today's posing session taught by the big man himself💪🏻. Starting to get a better mind-muscle connection the the lat in my rear posing. Slow progress is better than no progress🤙🏻. . . . Don't forget to check out my training plans as they are specifically tailored to each individual, meaning if bodybuilding isn't your thing you won't be forced in to any of that training, just because it's my preferred sport, it can be running based, fitness based or just general physique development. Whatever your goal is DM me for more info on how you can make a positive change . . . #bodybuilding #posing #gymlife #gymselfie #gymphoto #muscles #physique #fitspo #mensphysique #VXS #vxsgymwear #vxsgymwearambassador #teamvxs #gymaddict #classicposing #classicbodybuilding #progress #mensposing #fitnessmotivation #fitnesslifestyle
crazy how just trying to switch to a different mind set can affect you so much physically and mentally. don’t get trapped into a cycle of comparing yourself, hating something you can change and not doing anything about it. big changes don’t happen overnight, set goals and actually take the steps to reach these goals whether it be little or small. I always forget the progress I’ve made throughout the years- not only has my body changed, but I’ve gained so much confidence by treating myself better and doing what makes me happy. also, surround yourself with people that make you feel good and loved and toss toxic people outta your life cause you don’t need the burden of that shit to make you feel any less than you are OK HAVE A SWELL WEEKEND 🤟🏻 too bad my camera quality didn’t get a whole ton better :(
Tbh just wanted to post this cause I bought a new bra @lululemon !!! ON SALE!! 😂 since I only do back workouts here’s today’s: Strict WG PUll ups - 3-5x8 Lat pull down - 4x10 Super set standing pull downs-4x10 NG plated rows - 4x10 Machine single High Row - 5x12 Neautrsl grip pull downs - 4x10 Super set standing close grip row 4x 10 (video) Pull overs super long - 4x 14 Single hand lat pull down - 4x15 (video)
Road to a wider back plz 4x15 let your oats stretch !!!!! And pull down using ur last only *think elbow to pocket* also if I reach 1k I’ll buy a new gym outfit LMFAOOOOOOO
try dis RDL variation it’s actually fire
You were born with potential.  You were born with goodness and trust. You were born with ideals and dreams. You were born with greatness.  You were born with wings.  You are not meant for crawling, so don't.  You have wings.  Learn to use them and fly.🌟 @mackysuson #mensfashionreview #mensfashiontrends #mensfashionposting #malemodeltrending #maleposing #mensposing #trending #fashionpostforall #fashionshoes #shoes👟 #tshirt #jean #hairstylefreak #longhairedguy #lovepost #shadesofblue #gowithtrend