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This ♡ This is definately something I struggle with everyday, the constant battle of "No, it's okay to stay in bed" turns quickly into "You wasted a whole day" The key things I remind myself are 1 🔑 balance. I try not to work myself sick, or stay in the house for more than a day or two ¤ routine helps keep balance ¤ get the bulk of your tasks done as early in your day as possible so your work load goes down with your energy ☆ 2🔑procrastination trap. I know I know I knooooow it's not helping to neglect the daunting tasks - I do. I always do the little things that are easy to do - but it's the harder things that actually gain results ☆ (Because a little piece of me is all about instant gratification ) ¤ to do lists longer than 3 or 4 things... keeping in minimal helps aid motivation because you know you can complete it and you'll feel good ! ¤ put hardest tasks first, you'll feel so productive you won't want to stop ! (But if you do your power won't get cut or a bill unpaid ya get?) 3🔑 be kind to yourself. please. Beating yourself up will not help you be more productive, inspired etc it will only prolong the state you're in. ¤ let yourself rest. Mind and body without judgement. ¤ schedule you're time for you and keep the date with yourself (because we know you put yourself last if your calendar is full) I hope this helps ! Comment ⬇⬇ if you have any more tips or questions ♡♡ Please follow and support my new project ☆ @yourstoryinmywords ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #raisingmentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthcommunity #bellletstalk #shareyourstory #mentalhealthstories #quotes #quotestoliveby #motivation #inspiration #recovery #trending #recovery #success #anxiety #depression #mentalillness #copingskills #selfcaretips #selfcareeveryday #selflove #selfcarequotes #minimalist #ladyboss #girlboss #bossbabe # #productivity
“It’s A Scary Thing”: Eve Opens Up Struggles With “Horrible” Anxiety Disorder ______________________________________ If you tell someone you’re dealing with anxiety issues, they’ll likely assume your concerns are normal. You’re feeling worried and overwhelmed at times, and who hasn’t been there? But there’s a difference between being filled with anxiety and actually having anxiety disorder. The latter involves feelings of worry, but can also include fear, panic attacks, phobias and social anxiety, enough so that it interferes with your ability to go about your normal routine. While speaking about reality star Kendall Jenner‘s admitted issues with anxiety on The Talk, co-host Eve revealed her own battles with the disorder. Things were so rough early on in her career in the music industry that she had to take medication to deal with it all. “For me with anxiety, fame is one of those things, it comes with being in the public light. But it’s really hard, and it can be very hard and nobody can teach you about that,” she said. “When I first started in the business I had horrible anxiety attacks, so much so that I was on medication. Only people that know me closely know this and it took a lot of years for me to get over it. You know, when you’re hot and you’re popular, you never want to stop because you’re scared if you stop for one second everybody’s going to forget about you, so you work yourself crazy. Your management works you crazy. Your friends, your family, people change. They tell you that you’ve changed and you take that stuff to heart. It took me probably a year for me to get over my anxiety. It was a hard thing. It’s a scary thing.” __________ Story Via @madamenoiredotcom _________________ #forwardtimes #news #newspaper #blacknews #houston #eve #rapper #entertainment #mentalhealth #mentalillness #anxiety
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Done with the bullshit and moving on to better things. Most of you don’t know but I have Borderline Personality disorder and have for a long time now. It is a Cluster B personality disorder that causes emotion disregulation, making it hard to manage relationships with yourself and others. Like all mental illnesses, BPD is a serious condition. What’s scary about BPD for me is that around nine percent of people with BPD die by suicide. It is no joke. It’s something I struggle with daily and it has made it incredibly difficult to do just simple day to day tasks as well has hold relationships. It literally is as if someone else is in control of both your mind and body at times. I am in a constant state of fear. People are so quick to judge without even realizing what a person is going through or the battle they are fighting every second of every day. I am working on not letting it define me but it’s not easy. At all. Its exhausting and most days i feel like giving up. But i refuse to give up. For those of you struggling with anxiety, depression, anger etc. you are NOT alone. Mental disorders are real. I love you all. We are in this fight together. ❤️ #mentalillness #bpd
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Good evening friends🌟🌙☄ Let's talk about feelings. Yesterday's therapy session once again made me realise that I still lock them away. Especially the bad and nasty ones. Like fear and sadness. On the outside, I always seem to be positive and like a little bouncing ball full of energy. When not being at Work always prettily styled. Standing full in her life. Talking and babbling without end. Always busy. With friends, hobbies, appointments and whatever. But what no one knows, inside of me things are totally different.  Often. No one knows that all those actions are my typical and long term learned strategies to avoid dealing with feelings. I didn't really know it myself for a long time and it feels like yesterday during therapy I fully realized it. And now I'm fully aware of it. I understand myself and my demons better than ever. It seems like it's now that I really get to know myself. I understand. I get it. This is the theory. Let's go into the practical. I understand that I can't go on like this if I ever want to fully break free from my demons. If I ever want to make my dreams come true. #gothic #gothgirl #altgirl  #witchy #melancholy #alternativegirl #mentalhealth  #mentalhealthawareness #pierced #gothgoth   #germangirl #gothsofinstagram #phonephotography #inspiration  #edfamily #anorexiarecovery #eatingdisorderrecovery  #prorecovery #realrecovery #inspiration #magersucht #mentalillness #recoveryisworthit #strongnotskinny   #edrecovery #2fab4ana  #recoveryispossible #borderline  #depression  #photooftheday #metalhead
Good morning everyone! • • • Time to make the best out of a crummy situation. I woke up at 6:30am to prep for my 7:30am shift only to arrive at the kids house and have their mother tell me that she didn't need my help this morning and she could've sworn we talked about this. It's okay. After a loud car ride home I and now calm and ready to be productive with this extra time today. Time to do some dishes, clean some floors and go on a quick jog! 💪😊😌 Remaining grateful for the ability to try and turn things around when they get real rough. #mentalhealthadvocate #mentalillness #womenwithmentalillness #bipolardisorder #bpd #earlymorning #timetoclean #kittycatb #positivity