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Speaking of heavyweights in heavy music, I figured I’d post #TheEndOfHeartache by @killswitchengage. This album not only picked up where #AliveOrJustBreathing left off, but it welcomed #HowardJones into the band after Jesse left the 1st time. And fill those shoes, he did. The End of Heartache earned #KillswitchEngage their 1st #grammy nod for their title track and helped usher in #metal to the mainstream even further. Their hardcore roots can still be heard here on tracks like Wasted Sacrifice and Hope Is.. before they opted for a full on route which began after this effort. This album begins with what has now become a signature song live for the band which is A Bid Farewell. It’s probably one of the best album openers I’ve ever heard. Songs like When Darkness Falls and Breathe Life contain some the heaviest riffs but these huge melodic choruses that many bands have since has tried to reach and very few actually do. The End of Heartache is easily my favorite Howard Jones era #KsE and it also contains a special track featuring Jesse on the choruses of the song Take This Oath. It sure would be a sight to see if they ever did that live. This is a European pressing, and I don’t think it’s ever officially been released in the US. It’s pressed on black vinyl, and an unknown amount were pressed but it is truly a rare find and collectors item. #vinyl #metal #metalcore #nwoahm #vinyligclub #vinyligcommunity #vinyljunkie #records #recordcollector #recordcollection #roadrunnerrecords