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I just rearranged our whole apartment because I got up extra early, had a productive day, over-caffeinated, then thought, "Why not?" . I'm losing clothes that are too small now because of the gainz, throwing out junk I've held onto since the move, and cycling toward minimalism again. If you look in the background, you can see how messy and overwhelmed our little studio has become! To it seems like minimalism is an eternal cycle, something that's always the goal but that is seldom realized. It's constant maintenance. . #tattooedgirls #piercings #septumpiercing #lipring #coldweather #fall #fallvibes #minimalism #freshstart #metal #metalgirl
Heres a clip of my solo in TerrorVision! I've been running through all the new songs getting ready for our tour in a few weeks and figured I'd film it for y'all's :) took me a good three hours between messing with my decade old webcam and GoPro to figure out how the fuck to do that again, but I did it! Which solo do you guys wanna hear next?
ICYMI: Episode 6 out now! LINK IN BIO 💀