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Президент Федерации современного панкратиона Дмитрий Коньков, промоутер Алексей Жернаков и звезда мирового ММА - Джош Барнетт приглашает всех 8 ДЕКАБРЯ в РК "ОГНИ УФЫ" на Международный турнир по современному панкратиону в г. УФА. #mma #mfp #mfp215 #ufa #ufight
My Aunt sent me the picture on the right from September 2017. I've posted a similar one before. These pictures are about ✌🏻 years apart and 70 pounds 👇🏻❤ One of the main comments people in my life have said to me since losing weight is that I look taller. I can definitely see where that's coming from when I look at these two pictures side by side. It legit looks like I have no neck in the left pic 😳I've struggled with tracking this week, but seeing this gets me ready to FINALLY reach my final goal 🙌🏼 I can't promise you it will be easy, but I can promise you it will be worth it!!! #facetofacefriday #liveyourbestlife #weightlosstransformation
Закончилась официальная церемония взвешивания и битва взглядов! Вес сделан⚖️☝🏼😉 Завтра будет жара🔥🔥😤💪🏼 КОМСОМОЛЬСК ВЫ ЖДЁТЕ ЧЕМПИОНА⁉️⁉️⁉️ Завтра сделаем все возможное чтобы Наш Имя города звучало вновь на пьедестале🏆😎🤗💪🏼 КТО ЗА НАС ДРУЗЬЯ?!🦁 #pankration #мма #панкратион #тольковперед #нишагуназад #ильягаджей #комсомольск #kms #mfp213 #mfp
Post-thanksgiving vibes 🦃 - Looking forward to getting back into my meal routine tomorrow. I’ll be working out in the morning and meal prepping in the afternoon! I’m not allowing myself to feel defeated by vacation and a holiday. Those events are meant to be enjoyed and not obsessed over. Whatever happens on the scale as a result can never undo the progress I’ve made, the work I’ve put in, or the personal growth that has taken place. I’m excited to take on this #DietBet starting on Sunday and drop another 10lbs by Christmas!
Oh man oh MAN. Thanksgiving is just the bee's knees y'all. Ate some super yummy grub (I'm looking at you sweet potato casserole & banana creme pie👀), spent time with my favorite people, and have my hubby all to myself with no HW or studying. HOLLA. So many things to be grateful for!❤️ One of which is this community. Y'all are the best. Love your guts. . If you've been wanting to get started on your own macro journey, feel like you have a general understanding of it & just need a solid set of numbers, need motivation to finish the year strong, OR even want to know your maintenance numbers for the holidays👋🏼🎄🍽, PLUS are self motivated and a quick learner OR are all about that #budgetlife and don't want to pay for coaching (pheeew that was a long list), my ✨Black Friday Sale✨ is LIVE. K that's dramatic, but my custom macro counts are HALF OFF right now! For ➡️$20⬅️ you'll get: . ✔️Custom Macro Count ✔️Starter Guide to Macros ✔️Recipe Book (20+ macro-friendly recipes) ✔️My Fitness Pal Guide ✔️Guidance on what to do when you reach your goal & Reverse Dieting . DM me for any questions!! Link in puzzle profile! Sale is live through Cyber Monday!🎉🍾
And today 🦃 Breakfast: three hard boiled eggs, a mango @chobani Greek yogurt and a tropical smash mountain dew 🍍🥚 Snack: two Reese's pumpkins 🍫 Dinner: turkey, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole and some carrot sticks with hummus 🥕🥔 Dessert: pumpkin and apple pie, had to have both, it is thanksgiving after all 😛 #hardboiledeggs #eggs #mango #greekyogurt #tropical #mountaindew #gamefuel #reeses #protein #turkey #mashedpotatoes #greenbeancasserole #carrots #hummus #applepie #pumpkinpie #thanksgiving #happythanksgiving #yummy #delicious #weightlossmotivation #weightlossinspiration #cico #loseit #mfp
"Lukewarm is no good" totally hit me 👏🏼❤
Hohoho 🎅🏻 Christmas is coming! And if you have no idea on what to gift your Wife/Girlfriend this year, we are suggesting a cute selfie camera from @casio_tr_sg! #myfatpocket #casiosgb
Now that I’ve come back up for air, I sincerely wish for all of my friends & followers to have had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday stuffing their face with family & friends around their table. --------------------------------------------------------- I was blessed to host my first Thanksgiving dinner today for 17 people & it was an absolute success! I am thankful for the memories made today with the people I love & a fridge full of leftovers. Now it’s time for bed so I can get up early & do a little shopping in the AM! Night all. --------------------------------------------------------- #ideserveahealthierme #avatarnutrition #iifymacros #iifym #iifymlife #iifymwomen #iifymgirls #flexiblediet #flexibledieting #macros #macrocounting #countingmacros #icountmacros #myfitnesspal #mfp #dinner #whatsonmyplate #whatsfordinner #thanksgivingdinner #thanksgiving #thanksgivingfeast #thanksgiving2017 #thanksgivingturkey #thanksgivingdessert #thanksgivingselfie #familydinner
Happy Thanksgiving instagram family! I hope you all have enjoyed today ... I sure did! Our day was low key, just the 3 of us ... dinner was roasted turkey, buttermilk mashed potatoes, gravy, cornbread stuffing, green beans with pancetta, homemade rolls and of course pumpkin pie 😋. #foodjournal #myfitnesspal #mfp #thanksgivingdinner #thanksgiving2017
Tomorrow is the start date of the Gauge Girl Elite Challenge. Yay!🎉 Today I just ate whatever I wanted. Gauge Girl Elite Challenge 11/24 to 12/22 1.) I am going to commit to a goal of keeping track of my macros on MFP. 2.) Write one gratitude note daily. #gaugegirltraining #gaugegirlelite #mfp #happythanksgiving