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There’s nothing more satisfying than perfect cut mane 💇🏼‍♂️ I’ve always been obssesed with simply taking care of my horses. Brushing, mane cutting, plating, taking care of barn, hoof trimming etc. It doesn’t mean I do it everyday... because I love watching my horses covered in mud and having fun... but I really appreciate simple everyday routines. So here you have simple everyday miracle horse beauty and form✨ ——— Nie ma nic bardziej cieszącego oko niż widok perfekcyjnego cięcia 💇🏼‍♂️ Od zawsze wiedziałam, że chcę zostać końskim groomerem 😂❤️ Zawsze miałam obsesję na punkcie grzyw, czesania, czyszczenia, zaplatania i choć obecnie niektóre z tych czynności są dość pobieżne i rutynowe (tak, człowiek paradoks kilka postów wcześniej pisał, że uwielbia widok brudnych i szczęśliwych koni... o ironio 😂) to i tak sprawiają mi morze przyjemności. Także na dobranoc dzielę się małym pejzażem świeżego cięcia podkreślającej ideał szyji tego jednorozca, enjoy ✨ • • • #thebookofhorsespells #simple #miracle #love #grooming #perfectcut #obsessed #perfection #unicorn
Have you ever wondered where God’s throne resides? Is it millions of light years away? Some people may say “we will never find it,” but the answer might surprise you. One thing is for sure, we have to start looking up. That’s because the Bible describes God’s dwelling place as being above us. Polaris sits over the North Pole. Polaris is also known as the North Star. Job 26:7 says God “strecheth out the north over the empty place.” It is in this northern region that astronomers have discovered an empty space so vast it is virtually incomprehensible. Although the heavens are filled with stars, it seems that behind the Northern Star there is an empty space. This north star is one of the brightest in the sky. It is considered a directional star because it does not move. It is fixed in the north. Sailors would use this star to find their way at sea. It seems as though this star was placed there to indicate that when you are lost, you should look north where God dwells. It is at the North Pole where we see the beautiful aurora borealis. Greenish streamers light the night sky. It’s truly an amazing sight to behold. More amazing yet is the fact the Bible states in the Book of Revelation that Gods throne is surrounded by an emerald green rainbow (Revelation 4:3). Could those greenish lights actually be God’s emerald rainbow bleeding through into Earth’s atmosphere? According to the Bible it may very well be so, for God walks upon the firmament above us (Isaiah 66:1; Ezekiel 1:26) ~ Inspired Link: #daily #inspiration #God #kingdom #revelation #heaven #love #guidance #northpole #star #spiritual #soul #spirit #awakening #truth #flatearth #dimensions #nothernlights #miracle #sign #sky #love #rainbow #verse #verseoftheday
L’appuntamento con gli Angeli La luce gioca tra le Nuvole mentre un Sole innamorato accarezza con la cura degli amanti le fredde acque del Lago. Pensi sia il momento giusto per scattare una bella foto. Ti prepari ed ecco che, davanti ai tuoi occhi da bambino, si consuma l’Amore. I raggi solari spengono il loro lungo viaggio cosmico nelle calme acque dei Gemelli. Per un attimo, quasi impercettibile, tutto vibra e si agita come una penetrazione. Incredulo osservi uno stormo che si getta in picchiata per assaporare quell’unione Celeste. Tu non puoi che spogliarti e partecipare a quel miracolo. Bagnarti in tutto quell’Amore. #wildlife #nature #wildlifephotography #naturephotography #animals #birds #photography #wild #animal #bird #naturelovers #travel #photooftheday #miracle #love #canon #nikon #natgeo #macro #birdsofinstagram #conservation #italian #outdoors #adventure #landscape #of #safari #birdphotography #poesia #lake
Each day may not be all you’d like it to be, but because you’ve lived to see it, you have at least one thing to be thankful for. In EVERYTHING, give thanks!
If I'm about to realize something then that I can't control shit in my life. Everything that was truly life changing came without me even trying. My tummy was calm, my feet moved effortlessly one step at a time and I was just the one witnessing how everything comes together. For so long I thought it is the opposite. That I have to fight through my anxieties, through my whole body telling me I need to rest, through my instincts telling me "dude, I know it sounds good, and you think it will give you happiness one day, but I can't make it any clearer that this is not for you! There is something even better waiting and you will recognize it by feeling at peace." It's still funny to me how people tell me that I'm so brave just leaving everything and moving to Portugal, but honestly, for me this was one of the easiest things I have done. When I arrived in Lisbon with my backpack it was just clear. It was effortless. I felt nourished. I felt right. I felt loved. I remember all the work I did in Vienna to just feel an inch of what I feel here without even trying. So here is to all the wrong paths I walked that taught me the difference to the life I am meant to live. #portugal #lisbon #lisboa #expat #newcity #newlife #girl #mirror #selfie #curls #life #miracle #contemplating