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Last day for our OG Front Desk boss lady JENNA. 😭 Dang, Asheville is lucky to get you. We love you and cannot THANK YOU enough for always being there for the staff, clients and studio! 🖤🖤🖤 #og #frontdeskboss #missyoualready #dontforgettovisit
Loved assisting you in Detroit last weekend!!! Thanks for everything. Can’t wait to do it again!! 💜 @miss.donna.lee #youalready
Four years ago, you were there to tell me goodbye as I began an adventure of a lifetime in Texas. On Saturday, I had the privilege of watching you step into the next season of your never-ending progress. Lorimer, you inspire me. Your determination is top notch and your commitment is stellar. You needed this moment but more than that, you deserved it! While saying goodbye was bitter sweet, the sweet part is that I am excited to see all that God does in your life in the UK. The world is your oyster and Heaven is your pearl. You know that I will always be rooting for you from the sidelines as you take this world by storm. Imma miss you @i_am_lorimer 😭! At least, you are a FaceTime call away... Surely goodness and mercy shall follow you.... #MissYouAlready #OnlyBeen2Days #DontGetMarriedYetLOL #Enjoy #StudyButHaveFun