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Last night was a tough one. God has taken our Chris up to heaven with him. God showed us he needed him more. Chris, I can’t even begin to say how much I love you and how much I am going to miss you. Say hi to Gina for me, take care of each other. Rest easy Chris. I love you 😔❤️ #rip #loveyou #missyoualready
🎥 DAY 11: El Distrito Federal 🐥Yesterday our crew shrunk to only one "WHITE PERSON" but the show must go on. @senor_amig0 you will be missed my friend, but I've got a feeling we will see each other again in another trip around the sun. 🎸🎤🏄
I just want to take a moment to wish Mrs. Debbie a long and happy retirement! May your RV take you and your husband everywhere you’ve ever wanted to go and everywhere in between! While I’m so happy to have known you and been able to work with you, you will without a doubt be missed more than you ever know! Lourdes is going to have a hard time replacing your wisdom and compassion. And you will always be part of our crazy CCU family! Miss you already! #retirement #cake #banksmarket #respiratorytherapist #rt #nurse #rn #lourdeshospital #mercyhealth #ccu #paducah #paducahky #kentucky #rvlife #missyoualready P.S. I really like souvenirs! Really, anything is great! And Hailee likes shot glasses with states and places on them!
One more chapter of my life is over and sharing almost every moment of it with this person was an amazing pleasure. You were my best friend, my family, my co-worker, my roommate. We have been through a lot together. We have travelled, partied, worked, studied, watched 583214 TV shows and laughed at our own stupid inside jokes every freakin’ day. And we also complained a lot and hated the world sometimes, but we did it together. I would never make it without u. Thank you ❤️ Každá česká vlajka má slovenský klín. #ursulky #friendshipgoals #soulmate #crazypeople #sheis23wtf #partnerincrime #redhead #blond #partnerincrime #friends #hairstyleaf #happyhome #czechgirl #slovakgirl #missyoualready