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Well he’s officially left us to embark on the adventure of a lifetime in ye olde London Town! This crazy monkey swung into my life a few years ago when he asked me (or I asked him, I forget) to be his Crusband for our first overseas adventure together and my life has never been the same since. We then moved in together and I was lucky enough to see him everyday! Marvy you have no idea what a void you’re going to leave in so many people’s lives in Sydney but all of us know how amazing this opportunity is going to be for you and how much you’re going to grow as a result. We’ll see you soon Crusband! London, watch out! #crusband #marvyslondonadventure #missyoualready
And just like that Spring Break is over and @sarah_micah has to go back to UK to finish up the semester. It’s been a week of surprises (gallbladder surgery), struggles (recovery) and big ol’ belly laughs (that hurt said belly). It’s only 7 more weeks til your home, so go have fun. Make new memories and chase any and all adventures. Love you, Sunshine. I’m sure you’ll FaceTime tonight, 😂, so I’ll see ya in a bit. ❤️😘☀️ #Sunshine #middlechild #springbreak #universityofkentucky #daughters #momsofinstagram #wellness #happiness #love #adventure #yourabiggirlnow #suckitup #yourdaddycried #yoursistercried #ihelped #ipassedthemtissues #missyoualready
Well, I may have got there 2 weeks later than planned but it was definitely worth it to see this little oddball, Dorian & Snoopy 🐶 snow couldn’t stop me this time! Thanks for having me Laurenzo, lots of loveeee 🤗❤️ #missyoualready #surpriseselfie
she raised me to be tough, taught me how to be strong and work hard to be successful, to be independent. I gave her hell growing up and that’s a fact! I started to appreciate these moments so much more; when back in the day I would rush to grow up. She’s my number one; she’s my mom.❤️ #missyoualready