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AQUARIUS SEASON ♒️ Approx: 20/01- 19/02 Element: Air Quality: Fixed The sign of freedom, expression and ideas. So let’s lighten up now and free up the ting. It’s that Aquarius Season coming through. As the ruler of Uranus this sign is about all things cooky, don’t put baby in a box cuz she’s not having it. Stay true to your individuality and expression. And that’s my favourite thing about this sign. It’s also the times we are in (Age of Aquarius), as you can see, anything goes, walls are breaking down and people are finding their paths and speaking their truths. This sign is about the community and the people and they will be the people to come up with amazing ideas and will encourage you to shoot for the stars. Be your true individual selves and live your best life! Now is the time! Where you’ve got Aquarius in your chart, you’re probably quirky and don’t like people trying to tell you how to be or what to do. Think: Individuality, freedom, Quirkiness. If your sun sign is Aquarius but you don't resonate with a lot of Aquarius traits maybe it's because your moon sign is an opposing or more dominating sign. Find out your moon sign by going online and typing in moon sign calculator (you'll need to know your time of birth). Represented by one of my favourites: @aliciakeys