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It probably looks like I’ve been playing with “Paint” but actually I was in the coolest museum I’ve never been. #Mocak
"Helenka with a Vase and Flowers", 1902 by Stanisław Wyspiański, National Museum, Kraków, Poland. @mocak_krakow Stanisław Wyspiański,(1869-1907) was a Polish playwright, painter, and poet, as well as interior and furniture designer. He studied under Paul Gaugin and became one of the most outstanding, multifaceted artists of his time in Poland. #mocak
"Helenka with a Vase and Flowers", 1902 by Stanisław Wyspiański. I saw this pastel drawing over a year ago for the first time and thought immediately that it looked so much like my daughter. Actually, Helenka is a perfect combination of both of my daughters. We recreated the background using red and black crayon on textured paper and kept our eye out for just the right pink pot. The shirt is one she had outgrown, but I knew it was the closest thing we had to match. This was also the first time she ever tried on lipstick!💄She's leaning on a bookshelf instead of the usual floor laying, so it’s not quite a “floor” scene. See my next post for both images side by side. #mocak
#vsco #vscocam #vscobest #vscogram #art #mocak Внутренний покой приходит именно тогда, когда благодарен за текущее мгновение, когда не суетишься и не изводишь себя мыслями «могло быть лучше» 🤞🏻
"Bądź przyczyną swych doświadczeń, nie ich efektem." Zeszłoroczne odkrycie od kilkunastu dni ma dużo większą moc, a pierwsze "przyczyny" organizuję dla siebie samej. . #elementzenski #madradobrawazna #mocak #Kraków