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It’s a good day to pat yourself on the back, find ways to laugh, and acknowledge that somehow you always make it through. YOU are responsible for holding the lamp through the dark alley and moving even though you aren’t sure where the light is at the end of the tunnel. Your obstacles can break you or define your ability to love yourself more, honor your feelings, and know that at the end of the day, your body is still intact. This doesn’t mean shit isn’t happening - but shit is ALWAYS happening - just depends on how you allow yourself to release emotions and switch your focus to joy ✨
In the streaming gold of morning where blue was dimming, diamond in the dark which to light was revealing, walls of shadowed figures now like leaping lizards animate, mingling collections of conciousness formulate visions with a wall of sound, abstract measures precious time precisely sharpening melodies warming with the sun's brightened arrival, last of moonlight slick silver halt barking , together surviving, pounding even still water where the tone is faithful to it's accompanies, melodies & texture, sewing fabric the creation of mechanics, the enhancement of prompted picks, choose wisely the path of the right hand, or it's opposing left, rolling thunder words plunder, song bird muttered, wings to wonder, wind clutters, as such is life and the choices we all make, gentle stream, heavy heart, lightened souls, breaking glass, which all here now will come to pass & again pass to come back around. Golden blue dancing, coyote in jiving cemetery shoes, looped laces, to dust forgotten faces. Remembering that to reflect later on, will it build sturdy or a mangled wreck, these are of days in black & white, or golden blue. #write #black #blue #gold #blue #record #srudio #create #model #beauty #13 #18 #magic #texas #south #friends #fun #art #music #folk #drums #organ #colors #abstract #remember #photo #sun #moon #peace #famous #vision
#newmoon tonight. Welcome the change by manifesting what you'd like the next few weeks to be for you! Write your intentions down and keep them somewhere you can see daily as a reminder.