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Shit the bed! It's our birthday! We’re 4 years old! It’s been typically manic down here with the yuletide onslaught of custom print orders, so there’s been no time to bake a cake, or plan a party, or do some sort of clever promotion involving fours or quarters, or anything extra at all. It’s been so busy in fact, that we should’ve actually posted this yesterday. No matter. Let’s start the celebration with a few pics from our AW18 sleepover story; a rather cosy collab featuring models @jessicasiru and @leighsinden, and artists @jonmdc and @10.years.time, which is also our second outting with the very talented Mr @j.eldridgephotography — the whole set will be on the website at some point soon. Meanwhile, I’d ust like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone that has visited, followed, bought, loved, shared, repped, participated, and through everything ust continued to support our humble enterprise. Year upon year, you are what spurs this thing on. You are awesome. Cheers! _______ Credits: Moody brunette: Jessica @jessicasiru Moody blonde: Leigh @leighsinden Lens: James @j.eldridgephotography Words/Styling: @thequartermasters Artwork on Jessica’s tee (and arm): Jon @jonmdc Artwork on Leigh’s tee: Charlie @10.years.time
Crisp morning air and wet feet