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Today, we live in a society where a mother catches less hell and criticism for giving her toddler a coke in public than she does for giving her toddler breastmilk...So here, have a photo of my beautiful little cub feeding from the breast that’s given her life for the past 9 months. If you don’t like it so be it but please feel free to go throw a blanket over your head 😉🖕🏽 . . #normalizebreastfeeding #breastfeedinginpublic #hatersgonnahate #societycankissmyass #naturesbeauty #motherhood #fedwithlove #motherdaughter
It took 5 minutes to’ll take less than that for it to be destroyed! #mumlife
Time is flying way too fast!! This gorgeous girl came into the world nearly 6 wks ago already!! It feels like yesterday I was photographing this stunning family!! 💗 @stephieclaire 💗
I had the pleasure of making this candle for my beautiful friend in memory of her beautiful mother. 💕💕💕