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Dzień dobry w piątek ❤ Jak spędzacie weekend? U nas to już ostatnie dni wolnego, w niedzielę wracamy do siebie, do rzeczywistości. Coraz ciekawszej bo mój rozbrykany syn podejmuje pierwsze próby wstawania 😱 Kiedy wasze bobasy potrafiły już same stać? Jestem bardzo ciekawa 🤔 _________________________________________ #fridaymood #babylove #mybabylove #letthekids #letthembelittle #childhoodunplugged #motherhoodunplugged #instamatki #momsofig #mommylife #momandson #synekmamusi #mojewszystko #jestembojestes #purelove #potd #tagsforlikes #photooftheday #momentsofmine #darlingmovement #minimal #simplelife
The house hunting is over, for this week anyway. After seeing 12 houses in 3 days, we’ve managed to find a couple that suit, and one that we have made an offer on. It’s in the hands of the house buying gods now. In the meantime, we’re happy to be back home, with our pusscats. I think they’ve missed us. Heidi, I will need my hand back today ☺️🐈 • #househuntingfatigue #gladtobehome #catcuddles #nicetobemissed #relocating #househunting #movingtotheseaside #ohidolovetolivebesidetheseaside #homewiththefurbabies #catcuddlesinthesun #catsofinstagram #heidibo #mumblogger #parentblogger #motherhoodunplugged #mumlife #lifewithkids #littlestoriesofmylife
Daisy is absolutely loving ballet! She had been wanting to go for about the last 2 years 🤣. If anyone in Maidstone area is looking for a lovely little ballet class let me know as I have a friends referral code for half price fees for a term ☺️
OMG OMG OMG We're so freakin EXCITED!!!! . This weekend we're joining @babylovessleep at the special edition Pregnancy & Newborn Expo in Melbourne. And it’s not too late to download your free ticket @pbcexpo. . Make sure to come see us at stand G34. Baby Loves Sleep will be showcasing their new Koala Hugs swaddle wraps and their best seller Sleepy Hugs Original and Hands In & Out sleep suits. There will be some amazing offers on the day and WE will be giving free chats on sleep tips and advice. 💤🐝 . Here’s a sneak preview of what you will find at the Expo: Sleepy Hugs Buy 1 $49 (save $10.95) Buy 2 $90 (save $29.90) Buy 3 $130 (save $49.85) Koala Hugs Buy 1 $39 (save $10.95) Buy 2 $75 (save $24.90) Buy 3 $110 (save $39.85) Combo Bundle Combo Bundle (Sleepy Hugs + Koala Hugs) $85 (save $24.90). . Giveaway We are also giving away a Baby Loves Sleep Combo Bundle + Newborn Sleep Consult Package worth over $200, so make sure you stop by stand G34. Scan your ticket and you automatically enter to WIN! . So what are you waiting for? Get your FREE TICKETS NOW @pbcexpo #babylovessleep #sleepyhugs #koalahugs
Flashback to just before giving birth. Atlas and I decided to have a dance party as his mama was overdue. Cutest thing in the world. We managed to have a lot of fun together regardless of the pain I was in.
△ M A S C U L I N E △ The Eb & Flow of drifting between the feminine & the masculine. I love to observe myself in these moments. Reflecting on where my energy is at it’s highest. Observation gives me insight into where I work best from. 🖤 It used to be masculine. In fact I spent 13 years working in corporate PR & marketing, spending hours upon hours in my masculine. Go hard or Go home mentality. I’m sure you get the drift, perhaps can even relate. I was successful. Abundantly so. But my soul work suffered. 🖤 Today, if I spend even a few consistent hours in my masculine I get a headache. More than that and it progresses quickly to migraine status. It happened yesterday, the second time in a month. The lead up was the same. Sitting in the masculine of DOING for too long before ALLOWING and BEING. 💜 So today I sit. I rest. I flow back into the feminine. Slow rainy day yin and all is back in balance once more. 💜 What about you. Where do you spend most of your time. Masculine or Feminine and where do you work best from?
The next thing that I dread after an insect bite is the redness or rashes that it leaves, not to forget the itch. . Handling baby alone day and night isn't easy I tell you; When little A started rolling, I resorted to moving down on the floor during nights. The first morning we woke up to A crying n vigorously rubbing his foot, to my horror it was the worst kind of insect bite I had ever seen, his skin was red and hard to touch!! The panic stricken mom in me took him to the doctor the same morning. We have had other  instances of insect bites too, but we are seasoned now 😁 both him and me! We use mosquito repellents at most times of the day (The dengue causing mosquito attacks during the day) I definitely do not like to see those red marks on his tender skin, n for those occassional bites i now have this compact after bite roll on, So glad that I came across this product by . . Product highlights- 🐜Quick relief from insect bites . . 🕷Reduces soreness and redness . . 🚈Travel friendly - the roll on is easy to carry, and can be carried in backpacks, purses, bags. . . ✔Safe for babies - all ingredients used are natural and free of toxins. . . . #momtogs #baby #safety #babyproducts #Mamaearth #momblogger #reviewer #parenting #indian #blogger #mom #beingbaby #beingmommy #instalove #momlife #notjustmommying #bloggermom #candidchildhood #momswithcamera #instalove #momlife #mumbaimom #indianparent #motherhoodunplugged #letthembelittle #instalove #momlife
This is a shout out 📣 to all the Mums who are doing everything they can for their kids tonight ❤️ The Mums with grease under their fingernails from polishing saddlery ✔️The Mums cutting fruit & baking madly for the canteen tomorrow 👩‍🍳The Mums running around packing up gear ready for an early start in the morning bag👜 The Mums who have so many different hats to wear that they are struggling to keep up with all their roles & responsibilities 🤹‍♀️. The Mums whose bubbas won’t settle tonight 👶 The Mums that are dog-tired but still have 101 jobs to do before bed tonight 😴. The Mums that put themselves last and ensure that everyone else in their family is happy, organised & thriving 🙋🏼‍♀️.... I salute YOU!!!! I take my hat off to you.... I totally 💯 percent understand you. Please know you are not ever alone 🤝To support each other as we work tirelessly into the night, well after the hour we want to get to bed... TAG another Mumma who needs to know they aren’t alone. Let’s share the love 💕
The toddler in the back is asking for cookies for breakfast and I’m trying to think of a reason why we shouldn’t... and baby brother is coming really soon 🌚
I think the role of "mum" also should have a sub heading of "serial cleaner" does it ever stop!! 🙄☕️