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Holy moly 😱 Feb 2013 I was 82 kilos of very unhealthy weight. I took the left photo because on that day I’d finally realised that enough was enough 😤 Admittedly I do suffer from Hypo thyroid so loosing fat and keeping it off successfully has always been rather difficult. But while ever I was active my fat was somewhat manageable. The reason why I let myself get to the left photo was due to depression/anxiety. When I was first diagnosed I couldn’t exercise or eat much for 12 months because it freaked me out! I actually managed to get rather slim but I was unhealthy slim because I basically wasn’t eating. Then once my fear of food passed I started over eating! 😱😳 I still couldn’t exercise either because it would bring me to panic attacks, so that got me the body on the left. And don’t get me wrong since feb 2013 it hasn’t been all bells and whistles. To get to where I am today there were changes of Anti depressant medication, psychologist appointments to deal with my inner demons, diet trial and errors, eating plan trial and errors, cut carbs, don’t cut carbs, trying to find something within the fitness industry that I would like because personally I don’t like gyms too much and I find most of the PT’s even harder to deal with. I get they are trying to push you to do your best but man nothing demotivates me more then doing shit I actually really don’t like! But they don’t wanna hear that and try and push you even harder and that just created all kinds of anxiety. But eventually my depression did go away. It was a mix of getting rid of a certain baggage I had for almost 5 years that severely weighed me down, finding a great psychologist helps, and I still see her from time to time to this day to keep an eye on myself lol, then I studied my Cert 4 in personal training so I could train myself and have a better understanding of the body! Then I found the wonderful world of Aerial Circus Arts 😍🙆‍♀️ and last but not least not having anyone else tell me what I should and shouldn’t eat! I really listen and tune in to my body now with what it does or doesn’t want. And @drsarasolomon explains why eating is ✅ and dieting is 🙅‍♀️ really well! Amazing lady!! #beforeandafter
Progress photos have become very important to me. It’s shows me when I doubt myself at times that my body has changed so much and I have big strides in transforming my body in just six months including learning how to pose better lol never give up I promise the outcome is worth it. Dedication, persistence and constantly pushing yourself to your limits. Everything takes time so have patience you will get there. This lifestyle is time consuming and hard but when you fall in love with the journey you never want to go back to anything else. #fitnessmotivation #fitnessjourney #fitnesslifestyle #fitnessmom #progressnotperfection #dedication #backswolefie #shoulderday #fridayfeels #transformationfriday #weightlifter #weightliftingmom #persistence #gymlife #gymjunkie #gymgains #musclesaresexy #musclegainsjourney #nevergiveup #nodaysoff #bodyfeels #sportsbraaddict #sixmonthsdownforevertogo #weightliftingaddicts💪😎🤙 #neverlookbackonlyforward
Still in shock this morning. I haven’t weighed myself in months. From the beginning of my journey in 2014 my top weight was 338 pounds. Never did I think I would be under 200 pounds.. This weight loss journey has been a bumpy road and at times I wanted to give up but my will was stronger. Through persistence and inspiration, I have pulled through an immense transformation and will continue to push myself even harder than before. Don’t ever give up on your goals. #weightlossjourney #transformation #inshock #persistence #inspiration #weightlifting #strengthtraining #musclegainsjourney 💪🏼❤️( Before and After pics coming soon).
I have come so far with time and dedication💪 by next year I will be ready to compete in the world of body building i still have a long journey ahead of me and much more muscle to build but now that fat has been stripped the muscle building will just slowly fit into place #musclegainsjourney #gymaddict #fitness #musclebuilding #fittnesmotivation #pt #girlwithmuscles #musclebuilding #musclearesexy #girlswithtattoos #girlwithmuscles #gains #goals #fitnessmotivation #fitnessjourney #fitness #fitnessgirls #bodybuilding #legmuscles #trainhard #musclebuildingprogram #muscles
Your focus on life shouldn't be surrounded by what others see and think of you but of what you see and think of yourself🙏 Because the life we live is full of judgmental people😕 you could be perfect to one but un perfect for another so never focus on pleasing the world but pleasing yourself. I LOVE MUSCLES and others don't but that don't matter🙂 as I'm not asking them to have big muscles but im for sure gonna get them myself 😏😊💪💖 Live for your dreams not someone else's 😉 #fittnesmotivation #girlwithmuscles #musclearesexy #musclegainsjourney #myjourney #fit #fitness #gymlife #gymaddict #trainhard #doitforyou #behappy #stayhumble #dreambig #staypositive #gymismyhappyplace
The gym is the power not just for the body but how you feel on the inside. When you train it don't only stimulate your body but the mind as well 👌 Something I always tell my clients is never just focus on the outside view of yourself but look within and feel that greatness of achievement. Your long term goals are there to be achieved with time and dedication but it's the little goals in between that really make it worth while as well and make you feel happy with yourself. So never just focus on one thing when you train but the all round goodness it brings to you and your health 🙏💪 #gymlife #pt #personaltrainer #gymaddict #musclebuilding #musclegainsjourney #myjourney #yourjourney #fittnesmotivation #motivationtoworkout #health #healthylife #gym #musclebuilding #musclegains #lovewhatyoudo #behappy #stayhumble #trainhard #eatwell